Who will be going to NAUCC?

The Memphis contingent is up to 7 now - 6 riders and 1 non-rider. There is a good possibility of 2 more.

thats great terry!:slight_smile:

I’ll be there and hopefully healed by then! :slight_smile: Just booked my ticket and room. Speaking of which, if anyone wants to share a room with me, I’d be more than happy to. I have a reservation at the Best Western for 2 queens. PM me if interested. I’m 27 years old guy who has went to every nationals since '92. I like to take back a couple brews at the end of the day to relax and have some fun. I’m a pretty mellow easy going kinda guy.

Also looking to share a car with someone for the weekend, otherwise I’ll just have to rent one by myself. I arrive in Detriot on Saturday 1:47pm and leave on Wednesday 10:29pm. I could possibly try and not get a car and just ride with other people to events but that kinda sucks sometimes…did it last year.

When are you considered a Geezer cause I’m feeling like one with a broken back?! :slight_smile:

Dude, you’re definitely not a geezer, you’re just on the temporarily disabled list. That can happen to anyone. If you start being a geezer, what does that make me???

Jacquie and I are staying at “Weber’s Restaurant and Hotel,” which is very close to the Best Western according to my map software. What goes on in our room is up to Jacquie too… :slight_smile:

For anyone else who wants to ask basic questions about where the convention is and such, please be reminded, again, that the web site is www.naucc2007.com and you should, like, read it first. Then if you still have questions feel free to post them because the site definitely doesn’t cover everything.

there is no way i can make it over there…:frowning:

Prolly staying at the Super 8, bad thing is i don’t know anybody that is staying there, so i need to find someone going to NAUCC that is at super 8 so i know where to go

What does NAUCC have to offer for the non competitors?

well i didnt compete last year ( and wont this year either) but i still had a great time. I did watch most of the events and participated in the fun rides and the parade, though. But this year im going to have to a little more involved as my senior project at school has to do with unicycling ( ifigure this will be a good way to get some of my hours in). Oh, and by the way, i believe, but im not sure, that ill be staying at the super 8, too.

do you get to actually ride like on the trials courses and such?

It depends on the organizers’ level of paranoia. Technically if you’re not registered they shouldn’t let you ride in or on any NAUCC facility because the convention’s liability insurance is not applied to you.

This can also be stated as “why should they, if you’re too cheap to register” if that’s the question. You should register as a competitor and then don’t enter stuff you don’t want to. Most of the events are designed for fun, casual participation. Only a small percentage of the riders have really trained and are gunning for the top spots. The rest of us play for fun!

And yes, “us” includes me. Though I can usually outrace most of the people in my old-peoples’ age group, to beat everyone takes more training than I care to do these days.

John, do you know what the differences are in terms of the advanced and expert freestyle competitions? I did read somewhere that advanced involves skill levels 1-6, and that expert is 7 and higher. I think I feel sort of in between expert and advanced, but it’s hard to say because more of my tricks are flatland based rather than freestyle based.

would we be able to compete in some events (freestyle) even if we did’nt sign up?

Easy. If you’ve never seen or been to a Freestyle competition you probably want to go for Advanced. Skill level has almost nothing to do with the quality of a Freestyle performance, but it’s one of the few things people can use to compare themselves. Being able to do hard tricks is the beginning of a good performance, but tricks alone don’t do it, you need an act.

You could go for the gusto in Expert if you want, but I’m pretty sure Ryan Woessner will be entering. Even if he doesn’t put much time into a performance, if he enters he’s probably a shoe-in. but then there’s silver and bronze… :slight_smile:

I thought he wasn’t coming this year.

he said he’s showing up, but isn’t going to compete.

dont worry, half the organizing club (RTUC) is gana at the Super 8, including myself, ul have friends, and the best western is next door were every body ells will be

Yes I think this may be what he said on June 6 when we rode Tahoe with him, but he also may have talked about “throwing something together” with Amy for the pairs. So he might do the same for Individual but really you never know who you’re going to be up against until everybody shows up. Who knows, I might suddenly take a lot of drugs and decide to dedicate a whole mess of hours to re-learning my Unicon IV Freestyle routine which, if I could still actually do it, could probably beat most people other than Ryan… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, do I still have the music for that? Ouch! It’s only three minutes long! Now the routines are four (three for Advanced, four for Expert)!

I’ll give you twenty bucks if you did that. No joke. :smiley:

Looks like Morty has a piano collar. Cool!

Sure, just drop him off to me in New Jersey on your way to Michigan. :wink: