Who will be going to NAUCC?

It looks like Memphis Unicycle Club will have a delegation of 5 traveling to Saline, MI.

Can someone explain how to pronounce “Saline”. We don’t want to get any salty looks from people if we say it wrong.

What day are most trials/street riders going?

i say saline say-leen

My dad, who lives in the Detroit area, said “suh-Leen” but he’s not sure either. I’m sure our hosts will clear it up. Until you get there I don’t think it’ll matter much. If detroiters don’t know, people at the airport won’t know either, for instance. It’s a pretty small town (but lots closer to civilization than Adrian was!).

if it only it was in Michigan, o wait, it is , YAY, I’l be there

and it is “suh-leen” as you put it

not “say-leen” -solution-

I plan to go, but I wonder if they’ll have an “over 50” category in any of the competitions? I’d go for that!:smiley:


Haha you’re so lucky you live so close to it! :smiley:

yeah i know, im carpooling there with my two friends:D

Road Trip!

That reminds me–we need to organize a Geezers meeting. Any local bar will do fine for a meeting place.

John Foss’ hotel room would do fine too, if he buys the beer.

is there going to be any riding going on after NAUCC?

Haha yeah, only 5,000 miles roundtrip! I’m afraid to take my video cam because there will be sooooo much to edit, it will take a year! :sunglasses:

Sounds good but I’ll have to settle for O’douls or some other non-alky-holic beverage. Come to think of it, this November will be TWENTY years since I quit the bottle!:smiley: (And 31 years since I quit my 2-pack a day ciggy habit!)

I’m bringing mine for sure, Spencer better bring his, so I think you should too!

Besides, who in the right mind would pass up bringing a camera with five unicyclists going through Las Vegas, Moab, Denver, and Chicago, as well as entering NAUCC? :wink:

im bringing mine, but i get to go home every night and edit it all bit by bit.

this thread is making me want NAUCC to come sooner

I’m gonna lose a lot of business while I’m gone since I own my business, but what the hey, you only live once!:stuck_out_tongue: Also, I haven’t really taken a proper vacation for eight years, so I guess I’m a biy overdue! :slight_smile: HEy can sombody take care of Morty while I’m gone?

I will be out a lot of money too. Hopefully I can make up for it in Vegas though, haha:)

i might go, how long is it on for, does it have accomidation?

All the information you are seeking can be found at http://naucc2007.com

In addition to the hotels listed on the web site, some of us are staying at the
Super 8 Motel - Ann Arbor
2910 Jackson Avenue
I-94 exit 172 Jackson Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48103 US
Phone: 734-741-8888

I called and got us the AAA rate of $41.40 a night. The advertised rate isn’t too bad either. On the web site it says they have a pool and free breakfast. Super 8 is right next door to the Best Western.
See you there!