Who will be going to NAUCC?

me and my lil bro and my friend are goin!!

I’m goin’!
John’s right, you must participate. You’ll be sorry, and bored, if you don’t. At least sign up to race if nothing else.

im going

i would go if it was 2 days later. but for that whole week before ill be skiing on mt hood in oregon so i can’t really complain.

edit: never mind i read the date wrong. ill be gone in june. ALso the nauuc2007 website is not working for me.

ok, i really want to go, but i need to figure out how much it will cost to get to and from the airport and for lodging(can I set up a tent on the grounds?)

No, camping is not permitted on the grounds of any of the NAUCC venues. There was a fellow on the forums that was looking to share a room with someone. Maybe you should try him?

Also the Super 8 hotel, which is right next to the Best Western has rates around $42 for AA members, and $45 for non-AA members.

It’s about a half hour drive from the airport to Saline - if that helps you figure out costs at all.

I’m going.

I can’t make it this year. :frowning:

When and where will Naucc be next summer?

-Shaun Johanneson

I believe the plan is for it to be somewhere around Redneckville. It should be awesome. I heard they were working on a plan to have the awards banquet at Mt. Rushmore!

i’m going.

Road trip!

where is naucc exactly? i am going to the usa to see my cousins for few weeks.

i still need to organise flight, but maybe i can go to naucc at same time?


NAUCC is in Saline, Michigan, near Ann Arbor.

It looks like Memphis Unicycle Club will have a delegation of 5 traveling to Saline, MI.

Can someone explain how to pronounce “Saline”. We don’t want to get any salty looks from people if we say it wrong.

What day are most trials/street riders going?

i say saline say-leen

My dad, who lives in the Detroit area, said “suh-Leen” but he’s not sure either. I’m sure our hosts will clear it up. Until you get there I don’t think it’ll matter much. If detroiters don’t know, people at the airport won’t know either, for instance. It’s a pretty small town (but lots closer to civilization than Adrian was!).

if it only it was in Michigan, o wait, it is , YAY, I’l be there

and it is “suh-leen” as you put it

not “say-leen” -solution-

I plan to go, but I wonder if they’ll have an “over 50” category in any of the competitions? I’d go for that!:smiley: