Who wears Neoprene leg armour?

Does anyone ride with Neoprene-based leg armour such as Lizard Skins, 661 Comp shins, 661 Veggie Shins or the imaginatively named Fox Shin Guard?

I am thinking about buying a pair of 661 Veggie Shins and would like to hear comments from other riders who’ve used similar armour.

How much protection do they provide? Will they stop a pedal to the shins? Are they hotter than Roach leg armour? Any comparisons between Roach and neoprene armour would be really helpful. I currently wear Roach legs but these seem like overkill for some of the riding I do - I think something lighter might be better.


Re: Who wears Neoprene leg armour?

Yep. They’re light and good for racing but I wouldn’t do trials on them :wink: I don’t think they’re any hotter than hard-shell/Roaches although they tend to soak up less water/dry quicker when you go through river crossings.

I have a pair of the Fox shin guards, I would whear them with some boneless knee pads. I found the Fox shin guards to be easy to get on and off and they had better calf protection then the new roach mesh backed indy legs. I would get them soaked with sweat every ride and they had a problem with shifting around to the side of the leg. They are now in my box of unused uni junk.

Which pair are you referring to here? The Roaches of the Foxes? If the Roaches, what size are they and do you really never wear them? Perhaps I could be a replacement for your junk box… :slight_smile:


I’m interested too in finding a pair of light knee-shin guards for Coker road riding. They should provide protection from road rash and pedal slices, and yet not be hot.

Eli, I was referring to the Fox shin guards, they did not seem hot but they would get wet from sweat. The new Roach have a nice long ridges sewn in that keep them dry.

You msut be real hard up, these things stink.

I wear Lizard Skin shin guards or the knee shin combo. I haven’t had a problem with shifting around or them falling down.
As for heat I don’t really notice it until I take them off. Most times I’m wearing shorts so some air is getting to my legs.