Who was that on the Coker? Adelaide

Just on the 10 News (Australia). Lance Armstrongs ride in Adelaide…who was that guy on the Coker? :slight_smile:

On the Channel 9 version, they showed a guy walking a 24".

Hey I’m from Adeliade! I’m surprised Adelaide got a mention on the forum! Lance Armstrong or something also triggers something I heard from a family friend today! I did not quite understand her much but I did catch the name Lance Armstrong and something about a unicycle or something. I’ve never heard of him, the only 2 people with cokers that I know of in Adelaide are one of my friend’s but it definately was not him for sure and the other guy is called Suede. Ill see if I can find out more.


Isn’t he the Tour De France winner who survived testicular cancer and now has a cancer charity named after him? Or maybe there’s another Lance Armstrong out there who rides a unicycle?

/Genuinely confused!

who was that on the coker?

It was Ross Atkins. With the city and hills teaming with cyclists at the moment its a great time to get some distance unicycling in without having to deal too much with unsuspecting traffic. We did the half-course of ‘Ride like Crazy’ on Sunday and it was an awesome ride so much so we’re considering reversing the route and riding up with the mutual community tour on Friday - see if we can pass some $15k bikes on the climbs - so come along if your keen.

Ian B

Passing 15k bikes on a unicycle is one of the reasons I race in bike races :stuck_out_tongue:

Howdy Adelaide coker guys!!!

HI Ian,

Good to know that there are some more 36er riders in adelaide. I moved there a few months back, have ridden with Suede a few times, but I’m always looking for a bigger crew to ride with. Are you the other uni rider who used to play bike polo on sundays? If so, you should come down next time. The unicycles are really starting to give the bike guys a run for their money. I’m not back in SA until next tuesday, but would be keen for a ride then if you’re around.


Dmac :slight_smile:

yeah, that’s me. I’ve been down a few times lately but always miss the other unis. I’m also away for a couple of weeks so I’ll message you when i’m back.

see ya soon