Who was at Sacre-Coeur?

Hi Everyone, I’m finally back from my 4 week holiday. I had a great time but definitely missed my unicycle among other things. It’s now 11:59pm so I have to wait until the morning to pick up my package from the nice people at unicycle.com from my neighbours.

During my holiday I saw 3 unicyclists. One was performing at Pier 39 in San Fran. Another was someone our family was staying with who, I was very pleased to learn, rides a unicycle and juggles (riding this unicycle really helped to releive the stress of a 4-week break). The other one was someone riding at Sacre-Coeur in Paris that I only saw from a distance. From what I saw they were riding a 20" trials unicycle with a Yuni frame and Monty tyre (I think). Was it one of you?

I’m glad to back and I can’t wait to start finally building the rest of my custom muni tomorrow!!!


Welcome back!

Cor… I don’t think I’ve ever seen another unicyclist on holiday. Admittedly I haven’t really been looking, but still… not a common sight, I’d have thought…


i’ve seen a few unicyclists on a holiday. Like last year at the unicon. or…well that’s about it auctally.

Riding at a local park with my nephews we met an Aussie who was living in Texas and visiting the East Coast. He hopped right on my MUni and rode around! It was amazing.

Do you know where in Australia he was from? Maybe he’ll come riding with me!

I think he lives in Texas now. I’ve sent a follow-up email but haven’t heard anything. Such is the world of email…

D’apres andrew_carter <andrew_carter.hrkba@timelimit.unicyclist.com>,
dans le forum rec.sport.unicycling…

Was it on a tuesday evening/night ?

There is a meeting every tuesday around 19.30 near the small roundabout at Les Halles (at the bottom right corner of that map: http://www.citefutee.com/picts/plans/Gif/Quartiers/chatelet_les_halles.gif). A small trip in the town follows.

It could well have been. I can’t remember the day but it was around sunset. It was only one guy on his own. Would that have been you or just possibly someone from the club?


Not me, and probably not someone from the Tuesdays meeting, as sunset occurs around 17.45 in January.

After extensive investigation, I could say it might have been Stéphane, who frequently goes up Montmartre (that’s him, on the attached picture). But it could well have been someone else, since two of the major circus/juggling/unicycling shops are located in the vicinity.

I am not that familiar with this interface, and my attaching a picture apparently failed.

So, here it is again, using a technically different way:

Due to strong popular demand, here is another picture – as you might guess, a not-so-seamless combination of two pictures taken at a few seconds interval (as quick as my digital camera allows):