Who was at NAUCC 2005 that use this forum?

Can people that were at NAUCC please post here and say who they are so I can try and put a picture with a username?! I’m Jamey Mossengren (unicycle6869) and probably best known as either the tall blonde guy with a seat post the size of a flagpole or as Lindsey Johnson’s (uniprincess) pairs partner who placed 2nd in the Expert Pairs Freestyle compitition during the show!

So if you were at Nationals this year, please post here and try and describe yourself and what you competed in or what might make you stand out. Thanks!

i’m Zack baldwin (Zack) and i dont think im known for anything.

If you think I am please make a suggestion.

Re: Who was at NAUCC 2005 that use this forum?

Hey i was at NAUCC from thursday to sunday. You and lindsey had a great pairs routine! You probably didnt see me because i registered as a non-competitor because this was my first convention and i wanted to just check things out this year. I did ride on the trials course though, here is a picture.

i got a job at the last moment and couldn’t go :frowning:

I was there, but you already know that since I was talking with you and Lindsey at the trials comp, not to mention playing cards the night before.

My bro Roman (Contender) was also there. We were both in the impromptu BC wheel race, which was a blast. I bailed halfway to the finish, but Roman finished second, which was awesome. Of course if anyone needs to know what we look like, you need look no further than the videos in my gallery.