Who wants to try this first on a Uni?

Click the link

As soon as I learn to coast…

hahahaha what a noob

bc wheel…

ill do it


Totally. Owned.

yeah that was sweet i fell off my chair laffing when he hit…and yes i kno how sadistic that is

it was pretty funny…
you could tell that he wasn’t going to make it when it switched to the helmet-cam.

hey, the dude was still moving after. I call that a successful attempt at not dying.

Totally doable on a BC… :wink:

or a failed attempt at suicide maybe…
pretty cool, regardless. I’ll do it on a uni sometime.

He was probably less injured than you may think, he had on every piece of armor possible.

the driver probably didn’t realize how dangerous going too slow would be. oh well, looks like there’s no harm in trying.