Who wants to go to Moab but cant afford to

Who wants to go to Moab, but cant afford to. Airfare etc.

go by bus?
much much cheaper

There is a point to my post and your reply is not it :roll_eyes:

do you wanna go to naucc or some other unicycle convention?

ok i’ll bite…

I wanna go to Moab…but i can’t afford it being a college student.

whatever dude, i can’t go either, but im trying to help you out by suggesting a feasable option.

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yeah, ah Whatever

same… its sucks so bad! I really wanted to go… :frowning:

me !

i might be able to afford it if i could just get the time off work.

So why not try this…I will call this the I wanna go to Moab VIDEO thread

I want to go to any Unicyclist gathering.

i want to go but cant afford it anymore, i was planning on going but not anymore

Opposite for me, I don’t want to go but can go for free.


I would love to go, but just as most others, I am a college student who A.) can’t afford it and B.) can’t afford to miss class. I’d love to make a video, but my MUni skills are lacking to say the least. I was hoping by going out there I could get some tips and practice with some of the best. If you want a video of some painful UPD’s though…I think that is within my range of skill.