Who wants to camp out in harper's backyard?

I was thinking we could have a big campout in harper’s backyard (if his dog allows.) We’ll all show up at his house on a selected day, throw our tents up, start a campfire, and then eat smores while drinking root beer. Afterwards we can all ride around his town in the middle of the night on our unicycles. I haven’t run this idea by harper yet, but it should be ok.

Buster trusts and enjoys the company of people drinking root beer. Let me know how many of you there will be and what date you plan to arrive. I’ll pass on the s’mores but am willing to smoke some salmon, halibut, pork chops, Bratwurst, spare ribs, or a turkey to go with the root beer.

If you could post directions to your house from the following cities, that would be wonderful…
Orlando, Florida
Houston, Texas
New York, New York
Chicago, Illinois…
Yeah you get the idea. :wink:
For some reason all my unicycle buddies on AOL have skipped town on me tonight, so I’m stuck here lonely and debating the 24x3 or 26x3.

Is this for your new freestyle project ?

Leo White :wink:

Nahh, what I’m going to end up with there is a 24x3 for trails/trials. My freestyle project will be deemed “fireball” and will consist of a Semcycle frame powdercoating the same color as my United, a chrom Rhynolite rim powdercoated the same red also. I will probably have the suzue hub powdercoatd, and then have black spokes, black cranks, and red pedals. A red miyata seat will top it off.

Re: Who wants to camp out in harper’s backyard?

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Subject: Re: Who wants to camp out in harper’s backyard?

> I’ll pass on the s’mores but am willing to smoke some salmon, halibut,
> pork chops, Bratwurst, spare ribs, or a turkey to go with the root beer.

Or, if you don’t want to go all the way to Seattle, you can camp here in
Minnesota. S’mores sound great, and there’s always Twinkies for breakfast.

However, I really think we should invite Greg Harper, just for the halibut.


Actually, I think everyone should come down to my house and hang out! I can’t really go anywhere, so I’ll definately be here to greet you regardless of the hour you arrive. Florida is lacking of trails, but we’ve got some nice ones 20 minutes away.

I, for one, only have so much room for root beer and smoores in my truck; an event of this magnatude will real-ly require a bit more than most of us can easyly transport. I stongly urge those who will be attending, their fiends, occasional readers of this forum, Liza Minelli, and the entire cast of Time Bandits, to, out of consideration, post ahead of time contrabutions of halibut to the following address:

Commander Greg Harper
c/o: Backyard Hedonism
Box 354290
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195-4290

Recent improvements in the US Postal service no longer require fish product to be shipped in dry-ice- so no whining about the expence- do your part.


Yikes!! And that’s not a plural noun!

Seattle’s beautiful, but camping in the mountains of Rochelle is tops!


Man, if that was any flatter, it’d look like home (SE Missouri).

We do have 2 hills now, the highway runs under them and they’re man-made.

That picture seems to be lacking of the mountains you speak of.

Good-gosh! It’s a good thing you didn’t take the picture from the other side, or that silver car might have hit you as it ran off the road.


Did you camp in the silver car, or in the cornfield?

It’s pretty hilly here in Iowa too;)


iowa 002.jpg

If you look closely, you might see the Gulf of Mexico. It’s about 500 miles South of here, but I don’t think there are any hills to block the view.