who wants this Yuni frame?

tonite i boxed up a never used 24" Yuni frame that i never ended up using back when SH sent my one of the Proto 24’s of his to use.

its worth $42 bucks credit to me back at uni.com but i will cost me 7 or 8 just to ship back to them.would ny body else like a mint 24 inch Yuni frame for $ 34 dollars shipped?

its never been used and still in the plastic.

I’ll take it! I’ll pay for some shipping too cause it might cost a little extra to get it to Hawaii.

Send me a PM to get info exchanged


That’s what I get for not checking the list at 1:30 in the morning. I miss my chance to buy a new frame cheap.

Jagur: Let me know if things don’t work out with Daniel.


the frame has been sold.