Who wants one?

I’m working on making about 3 carbon fibre/kevlar composite frames, all 26" for muni. just wanted to know if anyone would be interested, cause i’m only keeping one. (:

if you went and made one 20", i would be really interested. How much would they cost?

My DX frame is as heavy as, well, a DX frame.

well, i could, but i would have to make another mold, which means more styrafoam (no! not the styrafoam!) and more time.

Please try to put the subject in the subject line. It’s okay, you’re new here. For people to decide if they want one of your frames, they’re going to want to know more about them. Got pictures or drawings/mockups? Also how much? It does sound interesting!

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how much $$$ for that?

i’m sure there’d be a market for them.
and PS:
do you have AIM?
if so, hit me up on it.

same screenname for it:

Thonkas. (thanks spelled really really badly.)

unfortunately i can’t get my mockups onto my computer, but it is a hunter based frame, except a little thicker, the models i have are pretty good, but i haven’t thought of the cost yet, and they wouldn’t be done for a while. I regret not having pics, sorry.- Kerosian


I think tons of street riders and trials riders would go for a CF frame if you made them.

People are always looking for lighter options.

oh, and how the heck do you get around to doing this sort of thing?
i’ve NEVER figured out how to do it.

Are you using a workshop or just your home garage?
I’m super curious because molding and forming and making stuff is one of the things i love to do.

I’ll put some pictures up of the first on when it’s done. All i have so far is the know how and a start of a stryafoam mold, but i would be interested in making a couple street/trials frames using another mold. Plus, it’s not just a CF frame, it’s a CF and kevlar interwoven frame, so even stronger while still being extremely light. (:

i started doing this with fiber glass, which is very similar and cheaper. I do this in my garage, with my uncle, who taught me. If you would like to do it just look it up on the net, it’s a hell of a lot easier than steel, although it is VERY expensive right now, which sucks.


any specific places to look first, suggestions, tips?
This is a really cool venture, and i think a lot could still be squeezed from the tube of toothpaste that is the possibilities of carbon fiber!

I might be interested. I need to see the finished product, but it sounds nice. Will it have brake mounts?

When you say carbon fibre. Is this what you mean??
Giraffe unicycle

i have no specifics really, just google it and see if you can find anything. I also recommend you start out with fiberglass, it’s much cheaper, so if you f**k up, it’s not as devastating.

Hmmmm, an excuse to set up a muni…

i plan to put brake mounts on the muni’s, and i’ll have the finished product within 2007, i just need alot more R&D before i actually cast it. And by carbon fiber uni, i mean a hunter frame based carbon fibre/kevlar composite uni that is super stiff, super light, and super durable. Oh, and super expensive, sorry about that part, but you get what you pay for, eh.

you think it will be over $400 US?

one laaast question.

How the hell do you make a mold for this thing?

i can’t wrap my brain around how to make a female mold for this thing.

and if you use a male mold and vacuum bag it, how are you gonna get the blank out from inside?

if its only styrofoam then it weighs almost nothing and it isn’t anything to worry about

hey, you should make some CF seats w/ the leftover CF :slight_smile: