Who unicycles in Park City, Utah???

I know it’s a bit cold and snowy just now, but I want to be ready for spring. Is there a unicycle community here?


David Maxfield
Redstone area by Kimball Junction
Park City, Utah

I’ve unicycled in Park City, does that count?

You should be able to find someone:

I’ve been to park city about 5 times (by my relatives house) but I think I only ever brought my unicycle the last time.

[QUOTE=beelzebub of balanceIs there a unicycle community here?
Park City, Utah[/QUOTE]

well on the 2nd 2008 january im going through utah from Las Vegas to Colorado springs were i live…if you go out i mite see you but probabily not…:smiley: whatever

Can’t speak for PC specifically, but you might want to PM Rolf or try the email he has listed on the moabmunifest site. Last time I was passing through Salt Lake with a uni, I hooked up with Rolf and some other local riders. He may know of some specifically in PC that aren’t on the fora.

Not sure if they still have the service, but I remember a number of years ago Deer Valley had lift service for mountain bikes in the summer. Some of those trails would be great on uni.

I’m planning on a short Utah trip in April, although at this point I’m thinking spring skiing more than spring muni. Maybe time for both…

Thanks Tom. Yes, I can connect with Rolf and the whole team down in Provo. My work is down there. I Muni’d Deer Valley last summer with a nephew and had a blast. The downhill routes were scary and the cross country kicked our butts.

We’ll be skiing this spring too. I doubt much uni happens till summer.


ive been mountain biking all over park city. i lived there for a month while my house was being built down here in arizona. its crazy fast on a bike goin downhill! my speedometer read 50mph! :astonished:
eddit:it was a hardtail bike.

my cousin lives in park city, i go visit once a while. ive never ridden there tho