Who takes their Unicycle to Work??

I was just wanting to see how many people are committed enough to Unicycling that they take it with them to work. I take mine with me and ride during lunch. What kind of environment is your workplace and what style riding do you do while your boss is watching? Comment if you’re as dedicated to this sport as me.

I ride a mile to the office on my unicycle. Our company develops software and people think I’m different. The office space is small and crowded, so it’s not often that I ride in the office, but it’s fun every once in a while.

I use my 36er as my car. I commute 10 miles roundtrip to work overnight 6 nights a week. I don’t want to own a car ever again.


Twice a week I ride 12 miles into downtown Seattle, sneak my 29er past the receptionist, up to the 30th floor and stash it under my desk. Then people come by and roll it around and make jokes and pretend to mount it…funny.
…something unusual to gab about. it’s great.
On the last day of the week, I drive in and toss a couple of changes of clothing in my cube so I don’t have to carry anything when I take the uni during the week. works out great. Of course, when the really crappy weather gets here, I’ll prolly have to take the bus…dunno about riding in the rain…:o

I always keep my 24" uni in my car along and usually ride it at a local park during lunch time.

I ride my only 20" uni to the office a couple times a week now for the past 2 weeks. It’s 21km round trip so it takes 1:10-1:15 each way. I only started in September so it was a challenge to get the endurance up (~25 hours).

I’d leave the bike behind all days of the week and uni to work but time is precious with our young family. It’s 1/3, 1/4 of the time to bike it in for me.

I’ll get a bigger wheeled uni eventually.

My next challenge is to get a bit of muni skills before the Ontario winter comes, and see if I can manage the commute then as well.

Alright, 5:30 am, time to uni it over to the office.

I Unicycle from my complex unit to my car and then drive to work with the company car. In the afternoon I uni from my car to my unit and sometimes around and around and around the complex!

I work from home, with children, so getting practice time in on mine for at least an hour a day is easy. They ride their toys, I ride mine. The only issue really is we live on the side of a hill, so once you get out of the garage and driveway, you either are going super fast(downhill) or working really hard(uphill) but I guess I’ll get better faster with all that mixed into each practice.
My neighbors know I am young at heart, so me out there riding toys is nothing new. I have a Green Machine big wheel afterall(yes, it actually IS mine that I bought for me, not the daycare kids). So a muni is actually maybe less odd;)

I quite often ride a unicycle to work (9 miles each way, mostly xc) but I don’t ride it during work.

I am waiting on a 29er to commute to work. I currently have a 19 and a 24, and I only once rode my 24 to work, but I keep a 24 at work and ride it regularly to my lunch spot. Sometimes when I drive, I pack my trials and do trials on the National Institutes for Health campus in Bethesda, MD. It’s a great place for urban riding, as it’s like a college campus with lots of steps, obstacles and interesting riding. My workplace is flexible, so I can go out riding whenever during the day that I want.

I have been riding my uni to work for a little over a year now. Started out using my DM 26" muni, and now use my 36er. I would love a 29er made for commuting. Waiting on the new Oracle, but may just have to decide to cough up the $$ for a custom build for my new commuter. I think a 29er might be a little more city friendly. I take mine into my work and either put it in my office or a storage area. Sometimes my coworkers come get me and ask me to ride it. So I ride down a long hallway to amuse them. So I guess sometimes I get paid to unicycle. :smiley:

My Unicycle doesn’t have a Job.

I usually ride to work.
While I was living in Argentina, I used a 24" for a 3,2km (2 miles) ride. The ride was about 20 ~ 30 minutes. I was doing it once or twice a week.
Now, in San Francisco, CA, I ride a 36" or 28" for (again) a 3,2km ride. It takes me between 12 and 20 minutes. Unless it rains, I ride to work everyday. A few co-workers started to learn uni after watching me ride one. The company that I work for develops video games.

I have a short commute these days and unicycle every single day. It’s so convenient when I get there - I have to go up some stairs, through an outdoor restaurant and into my office. Carrying a lightweight 29er is so easy. Round trip is just under a mile. I work at a small startup (4 people) and everyone loves the uni and thinks it’s great that I ride everyday.

My previous job was a geared 36 commute, but we had an elevator so it was ok. 6 miles each way on a nice bike path. Before that it was 14.1 miles each way, back when I was just getting my guni. I did get it below an hour, but going so fast I would be tired out at work. Bike was better for that one, 45 min.


I had one of my three unis (20", 24", 26") at work sometimes.
Just ride from the car to the station (some hundred meters), sometimes through the station/mall to the subway, and the last few hundred meters to our company building (did ride through the hallway on weekends).



I bring my unicycle to work, the canal trail is along side our building. I will ride during lunches when I am able. I usually bring it into the office with me so that it isn’t out in the hot car (in summer) or to prevent theft. I take different unis depending on what the mood strikes. One side of the canal is paved and the other side is pretty much single track so at times I bring my 29er and other times a muni. There is also a small park behind my office building that I could ride. As far as what kind of environment my workplace is, it is a law office.

I don’t know if I’m qualified to comment. How dedicated to this sport are you?

Mine does; to take me where I want to go! Not much of a job, that. Maybe it’s more of a purpose in life?

I usually have (at least one) unicycle in the car. While I occasionally ride to the office (now only about 1.5 miles away), I never know when I’ll need my car so it’s not often enough. I used to ride about once a week to a job that was 8.3 miles away, and do that ride (including red lights, etc.) in about 40 minutes.

At my current job, I usually use the unicycle to circle the building at the end of the day, closing and locking the gates.

My earliest ride-to-work job was when I worked for Savino’s Ice Cream Co., starting in 1980. I would ride there, the short distance from my house, on dirt streets and a lumpy path.

I ride mine at lunch all the time, that’s how I learned.
As mentioned by others, I also keep it in the trunk of my car most of the time. One thought on this: Does anyone lock up their bike within their trunk? It’s not uncommon for cars to get broken into, and I’m sure in a lot of cases if they found a unicycle in the back they would be inclined to take it. Not out of use, but out of novelty. If it’s locked up, I would assume most wouldn’t take the time to break it out.

Does anyone lock it up in their trunk? Has anyone had their uni stolen from their car?

I do!..and love it. Although my situation is a little different. We fly around in a B737. So I drive the 25 miles to work in my car, remove uni from trunk, enter facility through security turnstile. While I do have permission from my manager to bring the uni on the plane, I put the uni in a box to prevent the wrong set of eyes from seeing it. Upon arrival at our destination, box and suitcase are removed and placed in rental car. My beloved uni and I are inseparable! The other fellows on my team understand that it isn’t my nature to hang out with them in bars as I prefer to uni around town. After a week or so, we pack up and go home. :smiley: