who still runs profile

Just woundering if many people still have profiles that they still use… as I have a profile and I just found the site that made my cranks… turns out getting 48 splind isn’t as hard as I once throught but its manily BMX stuff

I will use it until it breaks (on my Wilder).

Based on the way I ride, something else on the cycle will probably break first.

I do…on my 6 year old Hunter 24 muni. Love 'em, even their noises. Last time I had to replace the crank bolts they were easily available, but that was a while ago. I need to replace the bearings now, although that’s not profile specific. Thanks for the link, just in case the cranks are the next thing to go.

I need new bearing as well, the back of mine are falling off :smiley:

I was quite suprised when i found the site

I do NOT love their noises!

For some reason, they seemed quieter this weekend than in a while. Maybe the North Shore is where a Profile uni hub belongs?

I’m still using Profile cranks on both my trials uni and my muni. Both are old-school KH unis that have 1-5/8" bearing holders. Not much of an option for me to switch to a hub that uses 42 mm bearings without switching to a new frame. So Profiles for me for as long as I can.


Profile cranks and hub are amazing. I’ve had 2 sets myself, both preowned but they were great. Especially the last one I had (which was Zack B’s old one).

No creaking or wobbling from the last one, considering all the beating it took from Zack and then Isaac LeMasters.

If I could afford a new set I’d do it in a heartbeat… sadly I don’t have the money! (So someone help out a unicyclist and buy my brand new flatland bmx! In the trading post)

All in all the best hub in all of unicycling. It feels like a gem, and not a disposable thing to be replaced every year or two like the ISIS hubs. All-machined and manufactured in-house at the Profile factory in Florida. No other hub or crank can boast that can they? :roll_eyes:

Fa sho!

My Profile-hubbed MUni is about 7 years old now… just took three days of beating on the North Shore’s trails with narry a creak.

For reference, I’ve only serviced the hub every other year… removing the crank arms, cleaning the splines, greasing with anti-seize and reassembling (in a different orientation).

I’ve got a trials uni with a Profile hub as well. It’s only 6 years old, but solid as a rock.

Profiles for life!

Hey, it’s your 5,555th post!

I got me a set of profiles laced up to a trials wheel :smiley:

strongest cranks on the face of this planet and feel 100% solid!

My profile I think is one of the first but I’m not to sure, it has had a few different owns here in NZ… before the guy I got it of it was Joe Dyson I think not to sure haha…

Its still solid as and I’ll be using it for a while to train, then I’ll using my light trials uni for comps…

Its a good life when you have a profile…

Profile ranks are strong for tubular cranks. It is definitely way better than the old KH-Onza 36 spline cranks.

But that being said, whilst the hub is incredible. The cranks aren’t the strongest due to their nature. They’re hollow welded steel tubes and bosses basically which isn’t as stiff or strong as forged or CNC’d aluminium cranks.

But they are strong enough for most anyway, so that’s fine. But beware Profile cranks are not the strongest and not indestructible. They do however feel AWESOME for pedalgrabs, the leverage and ‘pop’ they give is great.

Like John Childs, I’m still using a profile on my retro Kris Holm steel frame MUni. It’s my only MUni at the moment. Lots of TLC needed to keep the creaking down, but it’s still going strong.

I went through 2 sets of 170mm profile cranks in a year on my old muni. I’ve had the same set of moments on my new(er) KH for over 2 years now. Lighter too. I will not miss the passing of overpriced, heavy profile unicycle parts.


I dont know why, but ever since I started unicyling (when I started Trials) I wanted Profiles, I’ve never used Profiles, I like their look. Anyway, I think I’ll stay with ISIS though.

PROFILES ARE AWESOME!!! all I have to say about that :smiley:

but anyway if you have a profile show us it… post pics…