Who saw that uni?

On MDC in the news there was a 16" Nimbus Trials uni! So it had the Nimbus splined hub and cranks and a 2.125 tire! That would be sweet for a 8 year old or something. go check it out.


why don’t you just give people a link straight to it?

Yeh nice, but… I’d love this one! http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/products_id/135

or maybe i just want the seat i duno :thinking:

sorry I forgot to leave the link…I dont usually do that.

Hmmm… We’re getting closer to what I have talked about in a few threads. A 16" or 12" splined (now we can get the right length ISIS cranks (114mm for 16"
and 100mm for 12") qu-ax ISIS). The advantages are more tucking room, lighter uni, more manuverability. Really all we need now is a decent wide 16" rim, and a 16x2.5 tire (which is pretty much never gonna happen).

Here is a 16" by 2.4".


So ya.

or were you talking about a 12" by 2.5"?

Sweet! Maybe we just need a good rim then!

Euro to a US dollar? How much?


I still dont get how much 16,00 is to Us dollar?

well the one they sell with the uni is double walled, maybe that will be enough.

someone needs to send one of those bad boys to ryan atkins, fabian mark, or joe hodges.

I think it might be strong enough, but its pretty narrow.

When I pick up a lot of extra cash I’m gonna build up a 16" trials uni.

Maximus you could always see if you could get somebody so custom make one it would cost more, but eh it would be worth a shot.

I have an Idear get a kh hub/cranks cause it is better cut down a nimbus 2 (not that hard) if your normal height you will prolly need a large steel post reinforced since a cromo might not be long enough cf base k1 seat… Use the 16’ monty tyre and get a nice custom rim.

I have actually though the same thing seeing there are so many weight weenies on here. I figured some body would make a 16inch trials.

and maybe KH moment cranks in 125

Yeah for trials you want long cranks anyways.

ya that would be a sick unicycle. People should use 16" for trials. maybe?

That might be the next thing the sport is so young it is hard to tell where it is going to go. It would be hard for taller folk like me though that are 6footish and taller. I would really like to try one though.

yeah if you want it only possible use to be ridding in a strait line and trails 250 millimeters = 9.84251969 inches not much room to turn:p

The KH hub isn’t better, infact I bet the nimbus ISIS hub is stronger since it isn’t hollow. This brings me to another point. The nimbus ISIS spline size is somewhere in between the size of the KH and a Koxx. I’ve been told that the moment cranks are a tight fit on it but they work great. If the moment hubs are tight then that means that the Koxx cranks should work great on it since they are a little bigger than the KH splines.


now i want that one =[ aww the hunt for my new trials uni is never ending :’(