Who Rides in the UK and Where (Started September 2012)

Checking through the threads, unless I’ve missed some, it seems a while since anyone did a roll-call on riders here in the UK.

So, if you could state - Location, Age, and Experience.

To start off:

I am from near Ormskirk in the North West of England.
Age, a fit 64.
Would you believe, crazy enough to be just starting to learn.

Worcester/Malvern, I refuse to describe where I live as West Midlands - it’s far too nice for that - so will call it English Borders (as opposed to Welsh Borders).
1 year of riding, though I seem to have fitted quite a lot into that, including riding* Mountain Mayhem.

*to be more accurate it should probably be described as going for a run with a unicycle in this year’s conditions.

Hi I am Alan, I stay just outside Inverness

I am 35 and have been riding about 4 years but only seriously for 2 mainly I ride long distance and mountain.

What … Only two ?

There are loads of riders in the UK but most of them are in the closet about it!!!

The UUU has its own forum but its not used much. They are just having another push to get the UK scene moving a bit more. Also they have just started a facebook page :slight_smile:


There’s me, living in Lincolnshire, between Newark (Notts) and Grantham (Lincs) and riding locally as well as around the outskirts of Nottingham. Age, 49 for the next 2 months. Been riding a bit since 1987, and seriously for a few years.

And my two lads, both of whom ride occasionally with me.

And there’s Gadge (Gary) who lives just outside Nottingham and rides with me. A few years younger than me, been riding about 5 (?) years.

I’m Mark, and I Live near Newcastle upon Tyne.
15 years old, learned to ride just over a year ago, began riding MUni a bit under a year ago, and started riding trials a few months ago. Somewhere around the low end of intermediate in both styles, but improving slowly.

I ride regularly but only start riding a Uni at the end of January this year. I have taken to it very quickly and have moved onto Trials as well as MUni/XC riding. I am also on my 4th Uni in 8 months :stuck_out_tongue:

I am also a member and Co Admin of the Facebook page for our South East MUni group and we have 23 members.

Iwheel Group

There is also a map link on this forum where people can add their locations but it doesn’t seem to be used all that mutch

Speaking of maps, the UK forum map is here.

I’m on it, same username in the UK forum.

I’m in Morecambe, I’m practically 40, and I’ve been riding for nearly 3 years, increasingly in the past 18 months, more again this summer. Mostly MUni at the moment.

Starting to come to terms with the fact that I’m probably going to have to get a f***book account; lots of the NW unicyclists I’m aware of seem to be using that more than the forums.

Joseph on the island of Rousay in the Orkney Islands (find me on that UK forum map). 58 years old. Started two years and nine months-ish ago. I’m the slowest learner you are likely to find :o…but loving every challenge.

Just added myself to the UUU map - was already on the map on here. More local users on the map on here, but I know 2 of them and they’ve both moved away!

hi im jack,

i live near Milton Keynes, im 15 and ive been riding for about 3 years, i ride trials and a little bit of street


Rab, 32 years old, been Muni for about 18 months.

I am currently living in arborfield, near Reading. Mainly go to local woods or occasionally Swinley forest. Moving to Hereford in March next year so looking forward to getting some big hills done :slight_smile:

I’m in West London. Been riding for 3 1/2 years. Commute on my 36er across town and back 2 or 3 times a week. I also have a 29er that currently lies a little unloved in my porch.

I literally know no other unicyclists, but I did bump into a guy round the corner with a giraffe and another with a 36er whose LEJOG trip a couple of years back put him off for life.

Would love to meet other London uni’ists.

UK Uni

Howdy, I live near Machynlleth, Wales.
Have been riding since Oct 2008.
I am 64 in a few weeks.
I am passionate about 36er long distance road.