Who? Oklahoma Tour de Cure.

Hello all, Im looking for one of the Oklahoma unicyclists that recently rode in the Tour de Cure. I heard rumor that there was one but didn’t happen to get a chance to meet up with them… Any help is appreciated.



It may have been b2bivy if you are talking about the OKC area.

Cool, thanks Doug. I thought it might had been you when I first heard…


Hey guys, no long time no see! Heard about several riders on several different rides last year, but sadly none of them was me!

Unihoma - Facebook Group

Hi Guys,

I will be moving to OKC soon so I have opened a group “Unihoma” in facebook. I will use it to post ride and event information. I have used such a group for the past few years to get info out and it worked like a charm. I am really looking forward to riding with Okie’s!