who needs fancy stuff?

all i need is a helemt, my 20" unicycle (called Pip) and me

who needs this crap (based purely on your inexperience…you’ll soon see how important all the ‘fancy’ stuff is) in the PRODUCT REVIEW SECTION?

Re: who needs fancy stuff?

If you have a $10 haid, wear a $10 helemt. If your ankles shins knees elbows hands and wrists have no monetary value, then by all means don’t protect them.

Reminds me of the cool young dude and dudette I saw spring skiing at Snowbird in their shorts and tanktops. In the morning they sure were purty showing off their tanned and nubile legs. In the afternoon they sure were less cool and less purty showing off the bright red hamburger rash on their thighs and biceps.

Ive resisted buying up on protection gear. I think even if I had it, I wouldnt wear it. I hardly ever wear my helmet, even when I’m muniing or doing street trials.
I started off with my 20" and now have a KH24 - the difference is amazing - the extra speed, control…etc etc.
Sure, you can do anyting you want on a 20inch - but not as fast, high, fun, difficult, impossible.
I now reguarly domplete runs I wouldnt even consider in my wildest dreams on my 20" with ease on the 24.

So the moral of the story? I agree with you on all the extra stuff like wrist gaurds, roach leg armour etc etc but think a good uni does a lot for your abilities…

Who NEEDS fancy stuff?

I do not need fancy stuff. I want fancy stuff. When I look at the cheapest options I can always compare it to something more expensive which is more attractive and tempts me because it’s fancier. The cheap stuff will often do the job and satisfy some people, especially those who can not wait. I have tried cheap Unicycles and I found that they do not meet my requirements for durability. I wanted something that would not snap or buckle. Now I have a decent 24" one but its left me wanting more. Everyone talks about Cokers and 29ers and I want one (or two) too. However I must prioritise. Theres plenty of other fancy stuff I want but a means to getting it should be my focus since I do not have much of an income. I should take advantage of having plenty of time to ride while unemployed. Being jealous of what other people have does not make you happier so I guess Treepotato’s point is something about not being materialistic and being happy no matter what you have.

I thought the same thing at first. But after you destroy set after set of cranks and then go through 2 sets in 1 weekend you know its time you invest in some fancy stuff.

As far as pads go… Stiches or a broken arm needs alot more fancy equipment and costs a hell o lott more than some new Roaches or a helmet. I hate being hurt, more than I hate wearing armor.


Re: Who NEEDS fancy stuff?

Rowan: Great alternative point of view / interpretation of the original post. I didn’t bother looking at it that way before jumping in with my righteous blather (not to say I couldn’t still be right… :sunglasses: ).

I was happy when everything I had fit into the trunk of a Checker Marathon, and I’m happy now with a bit more materialistic baggage. The only time I’m not happy is when I’m injured. Frozen corn is meant to be eaten, not strapped to your ankle with ace bandage.

exactly Rowan

Treepotato’s point is something about not being materialistic and being happy no matter what you have.

Re: exactly Rowan

OK then…

2 years from this date, repost your unicycle+equipment inventory


This is more of a conversation than a product review. It seems your signature backs up Treepotato’s original point Sofa. You can be happy without being greedy. The acquisition of new unicycles is inevitable, but you need not dwell on it while you are satisfied with your current inventory. It is a bit like seeing a glass half full or half empty. You can either focus on what you have or what you do not have.

There’s a difference in being greedy and having ‘fancy’ stuff. Equipment is neccessary to those who need it. They come here to read reviews about it. I was simply responding to the first post with a '…this is a product review forum…not a ‘I don’t have anything to write a review about’ forum

Thanks for the animation!


i got more replies than i expected! it’s turned into a big arguemnt now ok i will post a reply in a year or to ‘sofa’ all that will prob have changed is i have a bigger uni coz i’ll be taller but we’ll see… i love unicycling and all i need (this is my opion ok) is me,my legs and my unicyle thats what unicycling is my motto is why be seriuous just have fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Tree Potatoe, I wasn’t suggesting that YOU need to buy lots of unicycle things. If you have your helmet and Pip and are happy, that’s great.

I was merely suggesting that this product review section is for people to review products. Not to suggest that the product isn’t required (basing it on the fact that you, as a novice, have probably never used it, and don’t really understand why something might be neccesary)

Seeing as this is a forum for unicyclists of all levels, why not give a review of Pip for those people not looking to sink too much money into the sport, or are complete beginners?

And, speaking from experience when my 20" ‘Pip’ was good enough for me, I think you’ll soon be ‘needing’ new things.

And if you haven’t gotten anything new in a year, I know you’re just doing it to spite me! :sunglasses:

ok sofa u win

its very hard 2 say this but… i guess yr right sofa! :stuck_out_tongue: but next time i state suomthing i’ll amke sure i definalty won’t change my mind! heh heh! :wink:

Re: ok sofa u win

Why is it hard, millions of others already agree!

(I’m keeping my sig line for quite some time…mostly because it’s something everyone can relate to…not a Sofa vs Treepotato argument)

heh heh


For the normal unicyclist, the expensive stuff is just a luxury. For someone like Sofa who abuses his unicycle in ways that I could never imagine, the expensive stuff is a necessity. I think that the important point is to recognize what you need and what is luxury.

As a grad student on a limited budget, I have always tried to buy the cheapest thing that will fulfill my needs. After buying a 2003 20" Chrome Torker, a 28" Sun, and a 5 Foot Savage with United seat, I can easily see Sofa’s point. I do want better equipment and have new desires after riding for a year. But I also realize that my equipment works for my needs, even if it isn’t perfect. I would have bought better equipment if I were to buy again, but what I have now works and I am going to use it until it breaks or I can gift it to someone else. I can ride to class on my 28"er, ride in a parade on my 5 footer, and practice hops and one-foot idling on my 20"er. So I spent roughly $340 for 3 unicycles which serve my needs whereas I could have spent the same amount of money on just one good 20"unicycle. But I would be unable to ride a giraffe and commute because I couldn’t afford the other two unicycles that I need.

All of that said, I often wonder if I should avoid anything which is made in China because of their abuse of human rights and poor labor standards. It is a difficult question for me.

But don’t you think that souping up your uni/s so they look and feel just how you want them is a big part of the fun of being a unicyclist? I do- I just love buying decent new things and making my machines unique even if I can’t always push it to it’s limits! Saying that, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your dream machine, do you?

I need fancy stuff. Too bad I can’t get all the fancy stuff I’d like.

Ya know…

20 years ago, we didn’t need all this fancy stuff. Good thing, since it didn’t exist. Like Treepotato, we had a blast with the stuff we had, even if we destroyed it from time to time.

Fortunately, some of us wanted fancier stuff, and started upping the ante on what they could break, and started designing stronger and better stuff, leading to today’s market where there are so many unicycles to choose from, people don’t know what to do. :slight_smile:

As I am no longer a professional performer, I no longer need most of my unicycles. But I’m glad they’re there.