Who me? No.. I'm not Kris Holm

Last Friday a friend of mine took me to Riverside, CA to see some of the Motorcycle Trials Nationals guys in action. I brought my Wilder 24" MUni with me and fit right in.

One of the champs, Geoff Aaron, asked if I was “THAT GUY” he’d seen in the videos like World Disorder. To his disappointment, I told him I was not. Another extremely talented rider, Ryan Bell, who was last year’s winner, was proud to tell me about a Canadian from his hometown of Vancouver that does trials on a unicycle. He knew Kris by name.

The cool thing was that these guys were as interested in my uni as I was to watch them ride. They all thought MUni was “CRAZY”. Funny, I thought after watching these guys fly up rocks on their motorcycles. Check this site for photos.

It turns out that some of these trials riders are starting to unicycle. Geoff Aaron and two other riders were proud to tell me that they had recently learned to ride. Maybe they will convert to MUni someday. Better for them, in my opinion. One older man asked if he could ride my MUni, so I let him. Even though it had been years since he had ridden, he did a little one-foot riding. Very cool.

There were riders of all levels and ages and the event had the feel of a MUni weekend. This may be a peek at the world of MUni in a few more years.

I can dream can’t I ?

Sounds great, those photos are amazing. What they’re doing just doesn’t make sence!