Who makes Torker hubs and cranks.

I tried to search this but no luck. Does anyone know who makes the DX splined hub and cranks. How inferior are they to other splined hubs and cranks? Thanks

The short answer to your question would be “unnamed supplier for Torker, probably in China or Taiwan.” Torker would probably be the last to give up the name of this company, to protect their products. Depending on their agreements with this company, they will either sell those parts only to Torker, or to whoever can find them.

But why do you need to know the manufacturer? Officially it’s probably Torker. Sounds like what you really want to know is how they hold up relative to other brands on the market. Splined cranksets are pretty hard to break, and I don’t know that there’s a big difference in breakage from one brand of splined to another.

They’re not.

I agree.

They might be a bit heavier… but the only person I know of who has broken them is Cody Williams.

who makes torker parts?

probobly torker…:slight_smile:

well my friend chuck has broken one of his dx cranks…just ripped it apart near the pedal end. :slight_smile: