who makes a kids uni with a handle for training

I seen a 12" unicycle that had a spot under the seat to put a long metal handle to train young children with. anyone see these? who makes them? i want one, new or used.

The one I saw was in UNI magazine and the author of the section I believe said he made it

I talked to Sem of Semcycle today, He’s the one that made the uni I saw. He custom makes them, I’m going to buy one for my daughter.

picture of the 12" uni with the handle

I don’t think it would really train young children- I am skeptical. You can hold the seat for small children and they will never get their balance like that- they need to be able to feel their own body mass balanced on the wheel and when they lean too much they need failure as a consequence to learn from. I could be wrong but that looks more suited to bicycles than unicycles- as unicycles are for learning balance.