Who makes a 160mm muni crankset for ISIS?

I know Koxx has one they call ISIS, but I was told the fit is “tight”. Anything else out there, maybe in a chromoly?

Look for biketrials cranks. Lots of them come in 160mm.






What about the Q Factor on BMX cranks? Any problems using BMX cranks?

Echo fan, eh?

They were the only cranks that were ISIS and 160mm on webcyclery. I wasn’t brand pushing or anything I was just giving him possible choices for cranks.

Profile racing made the first (I think) mass produced commercial splined unicycle hub. Many have used their cranks without Q problems. So I would say that if you can find ISIS BMX cranks, they would work fine.

I have the echo 160mm ISIS cranks on my MUni and I can’t describe how much I like them. They have a moderate Q and are pieces of art, to bad they were so expensive.

I got mine from HBtrials.

Don’t bike cranks have a sprocket thing for the chain to go on though? How else do you connect the cranks to the back wheel?

It’s not that big of a deal. The outward flare (Q) caused by the chainring thread is cancelled out by how thin the cranks are. Besides, we have a personal opinion of someone who has used them, and he says they work fine.

Its actually the opposite, the K1 cranks are pretty loose on the KH hub.