Who made that picture?

I’m trying to track down that muni picture with the caption ‘Caution: mountain unicyclist’ or something like that. It’s yellow and black I think and features a guy riding down a steep rocky descent with the triangular ‘caution sign’ style boundary. I’m looking for a copy of the picture and the guy who made it. The reason is that we’d like to make it the official logo for the Weekend of Australian MUni (or Australian MUni Weekend - I’m not sure which name we will use yet…what do you think?) and have it printed on shirts. Naturally we’d give the designer credit for it on our website and won’t do anything without his (or her but I think I remember it being a guy) permission. It’s a great picture and would suit our needs perfectly.

Thanks a lot,

It is one of mine

i think i saw one here www.cool.unicyclist.com

Thanks a lot Roger…that really is a fantastic picture! I’ve spent a fair while resizing it and touching it up to get it big enough and clear enough for a shirt. I’ve attached the final version. I had to convert it to a .jpg file to fit it as an attachment but I’ve got the final .bmp on my computer. I can send it to you if you want Roger.