who lives in chicago and wants to ride on wednesday?!


First, I just got a message from some lady who found out we were having a Unicycle Jam and she wanted to get some footage of us for some video she is shooting. I called her back but just got her voice mail, so i left her the details (hopefully she will turn out)

Second, I am pretty sure the Security at Millenium Park will not allow us to ride in the park so we will have to walk em’ in. Can’t wait to see you all there.

Where will you guys be riding to after the meet-up in millennium park?

There needs to be a unicycle jam scheduled for a weekend. Some of us in chicago-land don’t have enough time to get off work and make the trip up (just barely not enough time for me).

Would have loved to have been there…

Hey guys, chocago uni and I had a great ride, you missed out :(. hopefully we can do some more rides this summer.

-might have some pics and vids up in a little.

Man it was a great ride. Here are a few pics. Hopefully we will have a short video by next week sometime.

Look for the next “Chicago Uni Jam” sometime in early June (on the weekend)

Hey, surfer1024 and I (with some others) were thinking of riding in the lincoln park area. Don’t have any details yet, but are any of you guys up for a ride then?

yea dude i am down, we should also try to hit up that skate park up on the northside by the lake. What day where you thinking about riding?

This coming Tuesday.

I’ve always wanted to go there with my uni but when I was by it I didn’t have It. It doesn’t look that unicycle friendly.

yea, parks can be a bit intimidating but if we roll in there with like 6 uni’s we should be cool.

What dates look good for getting this jam together??

I meant the park didn’t look that unicycle from what I remembered, not the skaters there. My family takes bike rides along the lake and we pass by it. I just looked at some pics on this site http://www.sk8parklist.com/il_barn.html and it looks good though.

Oh okay gotcha, i am at work and read ur post quickly. but yea it still looks like it would be good fun for at least a couple hours.

ps watch that vacation video of urs… pretty sic man you got some mad skillz


here is a short video from the jam.


Looked Fun! I sent sent you a youtube friend invite.

Thanks man, yea it was a good time… hopefully there will be more people next time. There was talks about getting together this Tuesday with a bunch of people in lincoln park but it got postponed.

Yeah! Me and skate4flip where planning it kinda but he can’t go and I’m kinda busy with school. Plus I’m leaving to Cameroon for the summer on June 9.

hey, nice job on the video!

maybe we can still do get a jam together for this week/weekend?