who lives in chicago and wants to ride on wednesday?!

who lives in chicago and wants to ride on wednesday?!

u better bring bak some darn good pics…

hey, I might be interested, where would you like to ride?

I live in the Quad Cities (iowa). I’m going to be visiting Chicago this summer and we could def do some riding. It help since you would know your way around as well.

actually ive never rode in chicago before im from pueblo colorado and is just visiting some relatives in indiana…my family is just going to chicago for some strange reason and i was just going to go ride but i dont want to ride by myself im going to be there on wednesday

yea dude i am down for a uni jam.

uniimann, i assume that you are flying into O’Hare, I’m about 45 min from there, but we don’t that many good places to ride by me :frowning: Anybody have an idea where we should meet/ride?

downtown has a ton of places to ride… i live in Palos Hills (southside suburb) but work in the city. So I can meet anywhere. What time did you want to meet up?

Wednesday as in tomorrow, or as in next week?

I think we are taking about tomorrow May 30, 2007 :slight_smile:

chicago unicycle, you have work until 5pm? Maybe we all could meet at 5:30 by “the bean”/cloud gate in Millennium Park.

I might take the train down and ride a little before then…

-hope we can still get this thing organized before it’s too late

i have no clue what part of chicago im going to but my family was planning on going to some zoo or museum there so i dont know where that is…ill have to ask my parents what time we are gonna be there and how long but i cant right now ill get back to u guys…so do any of u guys street ride or what do u do

ok, I do mostly trials, trying to learn some street stuff over the summer.

When? I might be interested.

I’m less then a half an hour away from Lincoln Park Zoo and the museums.

Edit: I do Street, Trials, Freestyle

brent u got lucky as crap u found people to ride with…
one of u guys shuld bring a camera cuse it would make a pretty sick vid…and i wana see wat is out there anyways…

Well he hasn’t told us where he is going yet and when so we don’t know if we are riding with him.

Edit: It would be cool to make a vid…

Well I know this is getting last minute, but lets say:

The Bean/Cloud Gate @ 5:30pm
if you are taking the “L” you can get off at the Randolph/Wabash stop.

I can bring my camera to get some sweet pics and Vids.

Hope Everyone Can Make It.

my parents are retarded and i dont know what is going on so ill get up early and tell u guys if im goin or not…sorry this sucks

i brought my uni to work today, so i am down to ride no matter what. Sorry bout your parents hope they let you ride.

My friend and I might come. We need to get one of our parents to give us a ride though.

ok, sounds good, I’ll be there.

-surfer, wouldn’t you and your friend be able to take the train?