who likes to bc?

i know this is a bit pointless but i love it now and i was wondering if anyone else likes it?

I think I enjoy doing it more than unicycling, for now at least. I just learned a couple of weeks ago and I ride it every day, and hopefully soon I’ll be able to jump on it.

I think that the BC wheel is almost a different sport than unicycling. you don’t pedal, you don’t sit down, and you just coast like a skateboard. The only thing that unicycling and BC wheeling have in common is the fact that they both only have one wheel. (gee, THAT’s no similarity… but seriously.)

i’d like it if i could ride one and had one. i still do, even though i can’t yet.

btw, spudman, have you ever tried a peg-BC?

I’ve tried to stand up on a BC with just axle pegs from a bike, but it seemed impossible. It can probably be done, but it would be much harder than just using plates. with plates, you can angle your feet forward and back (it’s instinct) depending on which way you’re falling, but with pegs, they roll right out from under you. If I were you, I’d try to get plates.

Or if you want, you could try this idea. I just thought of it. bend a tube or really thick bar and weld a washer on the end or something, and you’d have drop down pegs! They would probably bend, but they could work.


(hanging peg)

Iv riden one with pegs, thats how i learned.

it’d be harder to hop, though…

and yes, i’m experimenting with the idea of hanging pegs. my friend and i chooped up an old little bike and used its forks, and welded the crappy little pegs on. but that didn’t work so well, because the fork parts bent at the place where they attach to the wheel.

now i have to try some really thick L brackets i found at the hardware store… i figger if they’re strong enough to hold up a whole solid oak ceiling joist, they’re strong enough to hold me.