Who likes hot rod tires for 24" urban assaults?

I was dabbling swapping out my gazz for a lighter 24 x 3.0 hot rod tire. Early impressions after over a total of a little over an hour of riding finds that it is REALLY sensitive to inclines like road crown or even a slight tilt in the sidewalk. Trying to just line up to ride a curb was nothing short of frustrating due to it’s sensitivies.

Is this my lack of experience with this tire, or are tires like this just prone to this kind of reaction? It’s a Kenda Flame tire.

Those who have ridden a Dyno Fireball probably can relate - Dunno.

It foldsover at 17.5 psi doing a 4 foot sidehop. At 19.5 psi, the foldover disappears.

Image shows comparison Gazz to Flame.

More pix are here : http://gallery.unicyclist.com/Kenda-Flame

Rod , it has alot to do with the thinner sidewall. I noticed the same thing with the Flame and the Hoggy G. Part of the problem is that you’re most likely accustomed to the stiffness of the Gazz
sidewall. I weigh 185 and had to run about 22-25 psi to get it to perform better