Who knows about UNICON

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Saturday, July 27th, will actually be a very full & fun day. We will have
transportation from the venues down to Seattle in the morning. We’ll have a
range of sightseeing options (Pioneer Square, Art Museum, Pike Street Market,
Seattle Center), but we’ll encourage the majority of people to take the ferry
to scenic Bainbridge Island, where the riding involves less traffic. You can
ride Bainbridge Island and still do a lot of Seattle sightseeing.

We’ll have everyone gather at the Seattle Center at 4:30 to get ready for the
Torchlight Parade. This parade usually draws crowds of 300,000. After the
parade there will be transportation back to North Bend and Snoqualmie Summit.

I don’t know about registration in Seattle. Maybe we can have people register
on the ferry boat–it’s a 35 minute ride each way.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

I realized maybe I’m confusing myself about the registration. Of course, I will register by mail, as will everybody.

However, with most conventions I’ve been to, you register and pay ahead of time like that, but when you actually arrive, you have to go somewhere on-site and pick up your pass and t-shirt and other materials. Is this how it will work? If so, I definitely need to find somebody to register with on Saturday.

However, if I register by mail, and they send me all the credentials in the mail before the event, than that works out much better.

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I’m probably gonna end up camping in some campground… hope to see you all


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We will not be set up to pick up your packets at the fun rides in Seattle that
day. I maybe able to have your shirt with me so you can wear it in the parade
if you plan on being in the parade.
Your packet would be available on Sunday at the Mt. Si high school location.
That location is closed on Saturday.
The bus will probably only drive into Seattle(from the snoqualmie valley) in
the morning and return after the parade in the evening.
Where are you staying?
Have you Registered yet?
You will have to check with the airport to see where the shuttles go. You are
on your own for transportation from the airport.
hoped this helped.
Barb K.

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Is there an ultimate deadline for registration at UNICON? or could I show up on
the second last day and sign up for the MUni and Trials Events then? Thanx


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Wow, you guys are quite helpful.

I’m going to try now to arrive friday evening. Assuming the event HQ doesn’t close down till 10pm, can I pick up all my stuff friday evening?

I haven’t decided yet, and I realize time’s a-wasting. I’m leaning towards the camping side of things (cheaper and the reservation won’t be a problem). Maybe I should try to stay in snoqualmie valley, now that you mention the saturday bus situation.

I have not. I’m going to decide whether this is all possible for me this weekend and then mail off the registration then.

I’d assumed this. If I have to pay for a taxi to the high school, I can deal with that.

thanks again.


I don’t suppose anybody from “vaguely near Mississippi” is driving there or anything? Just curious. I can’t make a decision to go or not go until I find out which WorldCom employees are laid off. If I do go, well, I’m a little scared of flying, even though that is silly. It would be cool to have a road trip to Seattle, spend a few days, and have a road trip back.

Yeah I know the odds are low.


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> Is there an ultimate deadline for registration at UNICON? or
> could I show up on the second last day and sign up for the
> MUni and Trials Events then?

I don’t know the complete answer to this, but if you know you’ll be there,
you should pre-register. The more you can do in advance, the less work there
will be for the limited number of volunteers on site.

So if you’re sure you’re going, send in your registration ASAP (plus I think
you’ll still beat one of hte price deadlines).

Stay on top,
John Foss
President, Unicycling Society of America
President, International Unicycling Federation

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In a message dated 6/11/02 5:11:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
nbrazzi.63cja@timelimit.unicyclist.com writes:

> That would be pretty awesome if there were a bunch of unicyclists
> camping out at the same place.

I personaly feel this is a must, though i may not be able to attend myself.
Trevor andersen

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I’m staying at the Issaquah-Highlands Camping Club campground, along with a few others in TCUC. They got a webpage at: http://www.holidayjunction.com/usa/wa/cwa0015.html

The more the merrier! :slight_smile:

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How are you getting to the event venues? I was trying to find a place within unicycling distance of the event HQ. Do you know about any public transportation from that campsite, or are you driving yourself?


I saw several questions about registration and buses earlier in this thread.

For UNICON, you are welcome to register as a competitor or a non-competitor on-site July 25th at the late registration fee of $90 USD. Late registrations will be accepted (but are not encouraged) until 9AM July 26th. This marks the official start of the convention. No on-site registrations will be accepted after 9AM July 26th. Therefore, if you are not going to be at the Mount Si High School in Snoqualmie by 9AM on July 26th, you must pre-register.

You should be aware that the earlier you register, the better chance you have of getting in to the events of your choice. As our
registration forms clearly state, “Events may be limited to those who register early and Northwest CUE, Inc. retains the right to limit the number of contestants per event, collapse or expand age groups based on registration information and time limitations.”

We have frequently asked the readers of this newsgroup to send in advanced registrations for NAUCC 2002 and UNICON 11. We have three basic reasons: 1) We need to know how many people to expect as far in advance as possible; 2) We have time limitations in our facilities and we need to closely monitor the number of competitors in each event; and, 3) Registration at an international championship event of this magnitude is going to be
chaotic enough without being subjected to a flood of North American people who have not pre-registered.

Lack of advanced registrations has been extremely troubling this year among North American competitors. We are being told, “We haven’t decided yet,” by many USA members we have contacted. I’ve noticed that most of the names I’ve seen frequenting the newsgroup and talking about NAUCC and UNICON are not yet registered for the events.

We know the ecomomy is a factor in you decisions. The economy in the Seattle area has also declined significantly in the past 18 months. Our original plans for corporate sponsorships went out the window a long time ago.

As a practical matter, it is not reasonable for organizers of an event of the magnitude of a present day UNICON to not be able to roughly know the number of participants some months in advance of the event. Many of the event costs are fixed (e.g., awards and facilities) regardless of the number of participants.

Due to the drastically reduced number of pre-registrations, we have been forced to severely cut back in the remaining discretionary areas such as bus transportation (i.e., frequency of trips and number of buses).

In response to an earlier question: Yes, we will have buses to take you to Seattle city center on Saturday the 27. We currently plan to have two runs: One arriving at 10:30AM at the Coleman Docks (the ferry terminal) and a second arriving at Seattle Center (the parade marshalling area) at about 4:15PM. both runs will start at Snoqualmie Pass and make intermediate stops at Mount Si High School and, potentially, a hotel in Issaquah (finances willing). The buses will pick us up after the parade (probably 9:30PM - 10PM) and run the reverse of the morning routes (i.e., end at Snoqualmie Pass).


Thomas A. Daniels
President and Communications Director
Northwest Committee for Unicycling Events, Incorporated
Post Office Box 790
North Bend, Washington USA 98045-0790
fax +01.425.831.4907
mobile +01.425.785.5661

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Does anybody know anything about Lake Easton Campground? Price? Distance from
unicycling venues, etc? Thanx alot.

-Dylan Wallbanger

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The Issaquah Highlands Camping Club is about 3 or 4 miles out of Issaquah along a narrow two lane busy country road. You don’t want to be unicycling along that road, it would be suicide.

This NAUCC/UNICON is going to be difficult to do without a car. The events and lodging are all spread out. I think they are going to have organized transportation from the main hotels to the event sites, but that’s only helpful if you’re staying at the main hotels.

Your best bet will be to hook up with someone else who wants to share rental car expenses.


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We’re driving out there and will have a vehicle.

help us gilby-wan-kenobi you’re our only hope

some questions for those of us on the fence about this whole dealie-o

  1. what type of vehicle, and is anyone else planning on camping there who also has transportation?

  2. i’m sure we could call for ourselves, but what’s the details on that campsite… is it roll-in and stake-out like a state park, or does that need to figured into our financial planning? [and if so, at what rate?]

umm… help me out here folks, hehe.

there are a couple of us from florida kicking this around, but i know for me at least that it’s a bit short notice planning-wise, and i don’t know how adventurous i’m feeling.

oh, and somewhat unrelated but
3) what sort of weather should we expect, for those of you semi-natives out there? wet? dry? what temp? how large a range from afternoon to evening? etc.

that’s all for now, carry on
John M

Re: help us gilby-wan-kenobi you’re our only hope

I don’t know much about the Issaquah Highlands Camping Club other than I’ve driven by it a few times.

For a car a standard rental will do fine. If you want to carry more passengers and fit more unicycles in the trunk you may want a larger car.

This is weather data for Snoqualmie Falls which is pretty close to where the events are being held:
For July the average high temp is 75.3F
For July the average low temp is 50.6F
For July the average total precipitation is 1.44 inches
July and August are the two dry months of the year.
Humidity will be low (especially for those of you from Florida)

This weather data came from <http://www.wrcc.dri.edu/cgi-bin/cliMAIN.pl?wasnoq&gt;


Is there anyone that wants to let us freeload off them? billnye and I are seriously considering the thought of going. We were looking at paying for plane tickets there, then a cab from the airport to downtown. From there we’ll be camping out somewhere, anywhere for the next 6 days. The last night we’ll get a hotel room, and the next morning a cab to the airport and home.

For a live look at the NAUCC 2002 / UNICON 11 local weather go to:


This real-time weather observation is taken on the roof of the North Bend Elementary School library. The library is about 50 yards from the gym that will be used for the preliminary games of the UNICON 11 hockey tournament. It is just under three miles east of Mount Si High School (event headquarters and artistic events).

Tom Daniels
President and Communications Director
Northwest Committee for Unicycling Events, Inc.