Who is waiting for UDC to get airfoils

I am.

Is there any news on when they will have them?

I’m waiting, but I can wait a long time since I’ll also need to have money first (; and I think I would like to buy a brake for it too. which reminds me, I gotta make a new thread…

My airfoil rim supposedly shipped out last Thursday! Hopefully I’ll get mine next week :D. So I guess unicycle.com has them. This might only be for those that placed their orders months in advance because there is a long waiting list I’m sure.

My guess is how unicycle.com is doing it is they are recieving airfoil rims, and sending them out to people that already placed their orders long before, and they are not updating that they are in stock. So you guys should place your order now so you dont have to wait a really long time. Im not sure of this at all, it is just a guess. All I know is that I got an e-mail saying that everything was in stock (coker tire and arifoil rim) and would be shipping out last thursday.

O man I can’t wait!


The rims that they had redone are trickling in, and they are filling orders first come first serve basis. So definitely put your order in. Ironicly they are made in CA. So they have to make the cross country trip twice for you Daino.

I live in Idaho, so I’ll have the same case when I order mine… Do you s’pose there’s a way to order directly from the manufacturer?