Who is this?

I was on youtube and I saw this guy. Who is this?

He is a really good rider though. look at his whole album of youtube videos.


that was really impressive. I likedthe speed he did his runs at. You don’t see very many young riders do that.

thats what I thought. I was quite impressed.

The poster of the second comment on youtube asks a good question. I prefer fergalicious :smiley:

he’s pretty good but that song ruined it for me. It was awful.

It says: Chez Gauvain
Damm! He is good!
I thought the music was fine.
IMO he is a better trials rider than his b*ker friend.:slight_smile:

This vid was only posted 2 months after his first trials vid. Fast improvement.

isaac, if you continue to improve at the pace you have between you last too vids, you’ll be doing lines like this in just a few months :astonished: :sunglasses:

I didnt actually mind the music in that one but the others they arent my favourite. I was just amazed of how good he was.

Well thank you…I hope to keep exceeding in my riding.

He is pretty good…I think