Who is this?

Does anyone have any idea who this is? My dad is a bike rider, and I guess he goes on this website, because he sent me the link. I think the kid or adult?? is on a 5’ Toker TX, MUni’ing!!! Atleast he has the safety gear. If this is you just say so because its a nice picture, and awesome riding.

thats edited in.

How do you know that for sure?

I didn’t notice at first, but I think Evan is right…though it is a very good photoshop job. it’s just a different shade, and the shadow doesn’t look quite right…yeah. pretty cool though.
and besides, wouldn’t we know if there was a kid who MUni’s on a giraffe?

You can see it looks funny around his right shoulder…

Although I agree that that picture looks a little funny, I am pretty sure people have done muni on a giraffe before, there are several threads about it one of which is here

yeah, giraffe MUni has been done before of course. just not very much, and certainly not by a little kid…

about 10 seconds of looking led me to see that it was photoshopped
i saw the guy in the background watching, which made me think if it was staged, then i looked and it was obviously edited

I’d say it’s obviously a fake, photoshopped forsure. My say is the kid’s too bright, and it just looks odd. But I’d also say ofcourse it’s possible, I recall reading on the forum about such a thing