Who is this?

I opened the latest update (as of yesterday) of my favorite Toronto photoblog when I saw this:


The rider was seen on Dundas St. around University.

I am pretty sure it’s Levi Pounds (lpounds), because the shiny rim looks like his polished and drilled airfoil.

So, would he or anyone else like to confirm that?

(Just as a side note, I was actually hoping to one day be captured on this PB, and it looks like this unicyclist beat me to it.)

im 90% sure levi uses a Nimbus and not a V2… those things are pointless :frowning:

He does use a Nimbus. But he painted it dark green. The shape looks like a Nimbus, or possibly a hunter to me.

It’s me! Ahhh. Those are my shoes. It kind of looks like my nimbus is black but it is really dark green.

Wow thanks a lot James! What a great surprise.

Haha! I’m just happy that I found that for you. Sam, the photographer, is really quite talented at finding great images. I encourage you to check his stuff often, or at least comment on this photograph on the website.

will do from now on.