Who is this unicyclist?

If I’m not mistaken the guy in these photos is a more senior unicyclist - but I would hate to insult him by over estimating his age! Also wonder what the unicycle is - perhaps a learner version of some sort?
Photo was taken on the UK cycle path between Pensarn and Colwyn Bay in North Wales, UK. I believe it may be a relatively recent photo. Any UK dudes identify this rider?



Ditto unfortunately.

That’s a 20" wheel though, right?

What a beautiful place to ride. So… anybody know who he is?

Hey, *ALL of Wales is like that.
Unfortunately the sun only shines four days out of each year.
This guy must’ve got lucky.

*Except Port Talbot.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Aww come on!! I really dont think that’s fair. It’s much more like 3 days out of each year.
Anyway, I did some detective work and discovered another photo of a man very similar to the mystery uncyclist - riding a bicycle near Prestatyn! That is very close to where the uni pic would have been taken.
Look at the photos. The helmets look identical to me, and the features of the guy also look very similar. Is this the same person?



Gotta be.

Who goes around taking photos of strangers? :thinking:

I’ve been to Wales a few times, but never during those magic 3 - 4 days. Are you sure they’re for real? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be… then again it could be his twin. Or they could be part of an octuplet.

He looks like a nice guy.

The complete lack of useful information in this thread is staggering. I just thought I would add to that.

Looks like an old Pashly to me.

Does that narrow it down enough to identify him?


Doth she protest too much? Please post photos of self similarly attired for comparison.