Who is this kid?

does anybody know who this is?..is he registered on this site?

That would be the one and only Xavier Collos. I don’t think he is registered.

its xavier collos silly
hes a pro obviously

how old is he?..he just looks like a kid

Others will know for sure, but it definitely looks like Xavier Collos. Awesome. This video may be available in higher resolution on the Koxx One web site.

i think he’s like 17, 18 or 19 or somthing

Oh he is Sponsored by koxx?.. i thought that was a koxx unicycle

Ha close, he is 20.

His website is xaviercollos.com

oh 1 off damn. yeah his videos are on his site and some are on youtube.

I love his style, whenever I see a video of him, I can tell it is him just by his style… I don’t even need his name.

yeah i like his style too…

D@mn he’s good.

haha hes like 5’4" i think… hes bite size


Very flowy. Like Zack Baldwin but street.
Edit: or Dan Heaton
Edit 2: Koxx-one.com says he’s 19, riding for four years. I think his height and weight are in the rider bios of Defect.

Well then that hasn’t been updated. His unicyclist.com profile says
Date of Birth:
December 28th, 1986

what’s his user name on this website?

50 Percent:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

hahaha you wish, so xavier collos is 13 now hehe

I’m 13!!!

He is registred, as “xavcollos”.