Who is this guy?

Anyone know who this is?

nope no clue…uhhh… zach jucha

is that you jach?

no, it’s this guy some trials bikers in bisbee, az met. i talked to them, and they told me about him and gave me this picture. if he’s in tucson i want to find out who he is.

It looks like my dad 15 years ago…

But he’s in Flagstaff, not Tuscon, and I imagine I’d know if he had a Hunter Muni…

wow come to think of it it looks like my dad, more sober, 25 years ago…

i never knew my dad unied!

That’s me

thats not a cracker, cracka!

Re: Who is this guy?

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>wow come to think of it it looks like my dad

Hey sockmonster and TheObieOne3226, you’re brothers! What is this
forum NOT good for?

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well, at least you guys can spam this thread so that it lives long enough to get PRODUCTIVE FEEDBACK.

seriously, if anyone has any information on the whereabouts and whoabouts of the aforementioned “dude” please post.


I think your best clue is that he is riding a Hunter. How many of those could be out there? They are fairly expensive. Now, how many could have been sold to customers in the state of Arizona… the list gets smaller. Now knowing what we think we know so far, where could we go for info? As far as I know there are only 2 sources of Hunters. Unicycle.com and the guy who makes them(sorry, I am awful at remembering names). I would wait until after Christmas if you paln on calling Unicycle.com though. They are probably crazy busy right now.

Edit: I forgot, Jagur might have sold it to him also, it is rumored that he has sold many, many unicycles.:wink:

I have edited the picture. Here is the result:

i think when you say that you should actually post the pic:D :smiley:

How do you attache a pic. I had put the adres in the bar by attach file. But it hasn’t come


it works, but i did exactly the same as the first time :thinking:

wierd. you made sure to save the new pic right?

this is better, it isn’t so dark.


yeah youre right it is a lot more…less dark