Who is sponsored on here? and by who

Who is sponsored on here? and by who

I was sponsored by 661 so I could get a discount on my shin guards and ankle biters.

I am sponsored by Harper and JC. I get lots of free advice.

torker, and almost koxx1 but they didnt get their sh*t together so i said no.

There seems to be a few guys on here sponsored by non other than Jesus Co.

You can tell who they are as in all their sigs it says that they ‘ride for Christ’.

boogiejuice, aren’t your dreadlocks sponsored?

Sorta, the dreadlocks and the unicycle are both necessary for me to get freebies from dreadworx. It’s a pretty chilled kind of sponsorship though really. I just get freebies and donations to charity events I do and they don’t ask much in return. It was all a bit accidental really. I’m not exactly the best rider in the world but I suit the company image pretty succinctly so it’s all gravy.

(ahem) I believe you mean “by whom”

Sorry, grammar is just kinda my thing (that, and unicycling) :stuck_out_tongue:

I am brought to you by the number 8, the letter H and the Children’s Television Workshop.

Spencer is sponsored by bedford unicycles…

Kris Holm, by, well, kris holm unicycles…do a search on “KH factory team” and you’ll get a list of some people sponsored by KH

i am sponsored by, um, me…as well as, um, me…hmmm who else…ah yes there are a few others than “me” …im going to try for a sponsorship by monkeydreams programing,(most likely will get it)and um…hmm…

Last time I looked

There was a list of riders on the KH web site. Really, one of the coolest things about uni is you can ride world class and work your way to the top for 500 $.
That wouldn’t buy one lap worth of fun in Nascar.
I sponsor myself, and wash my cloths with Tide !:slight_smile: I feel so rich now.
Imagine wiping out your uni on a slick corner and not being able to ride again until you coughed up another few 100,000 $ ! Ah, doesn’t it feel great to be able to afford to play !
That’s what my uni is missing, an STP sticker ! :slight_smile:

are there many people sponsored by koxx-one?

You can find all Koxx One Team members on the website

My friend max is sponsored by UDC australia.

Me and Joe Dyson are sponosored by Unicycle.com NZ

Oh yeah, you post on here but not the NZ forum?

Where have I heard that one? :roll_eyes:

I am sponsored by point racing ( www.pointbike.de ) and Ajata ( www.unicycle.de ).

Also the guys from www.unicycle.tv helps me a lot if I arent able to drive to conventions or dont have enough money :).

Sponsered by Local bike shop and Sidewinders

Local Bike shop Johnsonville Cycles
and Triple0 Medical Recruitment
and also my company Lissica.
UDC NZ also help me out with some of the charity events I’ve organised.

Ken Looi