Who is sponsored by a bike shop?

There are a few unicyclists in my area actually out of who i ride with i would say phil is the best and better then me @ trials and muni but he is not really local.O i do love riding with any1 else i have riden with sarah,paul and treepotato if it sounded like i did not!

Strangely enough, yesterday, I was speaking to a friend of my girlfriend on her MSN account by chance, who I have spoke to twice before and hardly know. Anway, his dad owns and has interest in various skate/BMX shops has a skate team and takes ramps around the place for demos and stuff. It turns out one of my old school friends is a sponsored inline skater on his dad’s team. And he said he was gonna ask his dad if he wanted to sponsor a unicyclist! lol! Won’t keep my hopes up, but I thought it quite interesting considering this thread!

Dont think we are coming to Mostyn this year, but I may be up your way with the caravan so if we do I will look you up. Have you got an old wheel you can rebuild for fun?