Who is Josh with Unicycle.com

In the 90’s I started riding mountain bikes for fun and transportation here in Michigan. When I had free time I loved hanging out at my local bikeshop and eventually ended up working there part-time. I even kept up riding after I had my drivers license. Once I graduated I joined the service and continued to ride. Once out of the service I decided to weld while commuting on bicycle. After a year of welding I was t-boned by a truck giving me a compound fracture on my lower right hand side. The accident gave me 3 months to think about what I would like to do, at that point I decided to pursue my passion of cycling and get back into the Bicycle Industry. While I was waiting for a position to open at my local bikeshop I worked at a store doing sales, merchandising, inventory management and offloading of product. I continued riding to my jobs and mountain biking. One day a friend challenged me after a ride to try an old Schwinn 24” unicycle. After an hour I could ride about 50 feet, I was hooked to the challenge. Later that year in 2004 I got my first unicycle, a 26” Profile Racing Muni and joined this forum as mtdewuni.

Fast forward a couple years and 15 unicycles later I was a good customer and Dealer for Unicycle.com till 2007. I attended NAUCC in Michigan in 2007 and Unicycle.com offered me a position to come work for them as General Manager and as most of you may know, I took it. Since then I have had the privilege to work with Roger Davies and Amy Drummond to create unicycles with a purpose at every price level and use. A couple of my favorite projects have been the Nimbus Oregon, Hatchet, DoubleQuick seatpost clamp and the Air Saddle.

I really enjoy the increasing community of unicycle riders and helping our sport to grow. Having the privilege to make product others can enjoy like I do is awesome and hearing the adventures others have makes it all worth while bringing a smile to my face.

I look forward to working with you all and very glad the Forum is back up and running as I have missed it.


15 unicycles in 3 years? That’s 5 per year. respect! I had 14 years between my first and my second unicycle.
Nice to have you here Josh.


Thank you. I was so excited about unicycling I wanted to know and do more, my 2nd uni was a GB4 36" in red with and airfoil rim. It was so cool, I later rebuilt the wheel into a 1gen Schlumpf hub with the Nimbus lite blue 36er frame. Thru the forum back then I tracked I was the 2nd rider in the USA to have and ride a 36" with the 2-speed hub, the first was a guy in California, can’t remember his handle/name. I remember by the time the Ride the Lobster Race came around I decided for a normal/fixed hub for the race to bar off any extra mechanicals. Those in the race with the Schlumpf hub were unbelievably fast and unstoppable. Good times!

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Welcome! Thanks for helping to grown the community and keep us on good equipment. I am a recent and old customer :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much. Thank you for staying interested in riding, it is most rewarding no matter what the distance or terrain is. I also appreciate your support and feedback.


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