Who is Claude Elwood Shannon?

The question is fitting for Rec.Sport.

Who is Claude Elwood Shannon?

Hint: Bell Labs.

A dead white guy.

The inventor of a juggling robot :slight_smile:

A founding member of the Unicycling Society of America.

Early big wheel rider

A review of the NY Times book review this Sunday said: Claude Elwood Shannon was a very eccentric theoretician who amused himself by juggling while riding a unicycle up and down the long Bell Labs corridors.

The review goes on: He had the insight to understand complex circuits that contained many on-of switches was through Boolean algebra, which assigned each operation a value of either 0 or 1. Shannon went on to develop information theory in which all communications and sequences of information could be measured in the number o binary digits (*), known as bits, they required… This was one of the great intellectual achievements of the 20th century …

anyone have any ideas why they call him “a very eccentric” theoretician?

Well, I can’t imagine what a mainstream theoretician would be like, so I suppose that there’s no choice but to call all theoreticians eccentric, eh?
He also juggles and unicycles… But that’s not eccentric to us.

Invented a theorem of communication channel capacity. Not sure if that’s the answer you were after - I used to be a radio comms engineer!

Could it be … a SLUR against the MINORITY GROUP of uni jugglers!!! :astonished:

I want credit for the first, right answer. Tell me, Billy, was Claude one of the 1%?

Unfortunately, Greg, that is not the answer we were looking for.:frowning:

Everyone else is a winner!:wink:

Thanks for playing!:):stuck_out_tongue:

That’s OK. Few people are looking for a correct answer.

The correct answer is not always the truth, Greg. Most people are, in fact, looking for the correct answer.