Who has experience with a Hatchet?

Even though I just sold my schlumpf because I never rode it and didn’t bother putting time in learning to ride with gears, I now have my eye on a Hatchet. It looks like a fun toy and was just wondering what experiences yous have with it. Will it be a good buy? I mostly ride my 29" Nimbus muni. I read the 26" Hatchet is about 10kg. The 29er weighs 7-ish, so do you feel that it is heavier when you ride?

You should use the search function !

I own 29" Hatchet and have not looked back.
My 36 Coker and 26 Torker are hangar queens now as I only ride my fav the Hatchet. Recently swapped out the surly tire with hookworm tire for city, beach riding. Selected 29" Hatchet instead of 26" because didn’t want sacrifice speed while having the “wow” factor riding it. Got quite bit compliment and looks from people whenever I ride it(don’t all uni rider do?). The disc brake is bit over-kill but handy when downhill during Muni. Only complaints is the hub is tight at beginning, making wheel spin slow.

Here’s me riding the beach last week with Hatchet.

Lol nice vid, can’t see anything of the uni. Well I just bought the 26 inch Hatchet yesterday. It will hopefully arrive by the end of the week. My 36" is also a hangar queen. The other unis are just so much easier to mount.

Since you bought a Hatchet I think you did the right choice to take the 26" version, which allows to put very fat Tire (up to 5").

There is nothing wrong with having a 29" wheel in the Hathet frame, but for me it’s clearly designed for 26" FAT wheel.
So if you plan to have both 26" FAT and a 29+" it makes sens, but if it is only for a 29" wheel (which is not your case), I would find it a bit overkill.
A recent kh29 frame would make it more standard and also schlumpf hub compatible (100mm hub).

I got the hatchet 26" yesterday and took it out for a spin today in the forest. It is extremely easy to mount with such a big wheel and it rolls over everything.
This is the one I bought:

Even though it rides nicely over dirt and sand, it is also heavier to turn the wheel around, so after an hour of riding 8 or so kms, both dirt road and cycle paths, I was quite wasted. It means it gives a very good work-out.
I’m very happy with the buy and now I have 8 unis again.

Yep- the “miles-per-gallon” needed to power the hatchet is no joke- it is a tank! But it is a joy to ride and (with a low PSI fat tire) rolls over so much more than my 29" or 26" with Hans Dampf tires that it brings a totally different kind of ride to the table!

This week im in denmark where there are slightly more hills than in dutchyland. Perfect to play with the hatchet. My muni-ing mainly consists of riding dirtroads, but now with such a stable uni it is about time i learn about a rolling hop. The hatchet is prolly too heavy to learn on but any advice would be nice. Mostly i notice with any uni that i ride too fast to plan at which rotation to jump.

I love my hatchett. 29er it is my off road go to

If you have a bouncy tire it should work well for rolling hops as you can compress it before the liftoff. Yes, it will be more weight to lift, but the bounce will reduce some of the effort.

To learn which rotation to jump, slow down enough to analyze how things work. Once you get used to the idea, start adding speed again. Think of it like taking steps, and calculating how many steps to the obstacle.