who has a camelbak?

I too have been doing more muniing, and the last ride I went on, I felt unprepared cause a lot of people had camelbaks, and I had a water bottle.

How many of you guys have camelbaks? If so, which model? I’m looking at either the Classic or the Rogue, but they don’t have much storage space.

Also, are they a problem to clean out? I used to have something similar, but it was a pain to clean out, and it grew nasty stuff in the tube…

I need one, a 3liter size would be good, and i wouldnt need much storage, to hold my allen wrench set, and a few snack bars is all i need to fit in, but i can easily use my pockets for that, oh, and a wrench that I have, which fits all nuts on my uni, so as long as it can hold those 3 tiny things, i am good, maybe a patch kit, but those are very tiny, specailly the kind I have, all you need to do is buff the tire, and put the sticker like patch on it, and its good.

Ok, so, it would hold 5 little things, allen wrench set, wrench, tire sticker thingys that work very well, metal rubber buffer, snack bars. =p

I own a Magura Green hydration bag, made by Deuter… But they’re pretty much the same thing as Camelbak. My bag takes 2 litres which is just enough for a day of trials riding. But for long dist. muni, a lil more might be necessary.

Thats what mine is, and its so nice as its so thin and low-profile compared to the larger Camelbak/Deuter hydration bags.

So, get the Classic if you’re not gonna do several miles on end. Otherwise Rogue.

Oh yeah and green brakes for those Muni riders if your into that stuff…

I’ve got a Camelbak. Never had any trouble with it going manky, but I don’t ever put anything but water in it. If you put squash or energy drink or whatever in them they do need cleaning out afterwards to avoid the fungus.

Mine’s a “classic” - 2 litres of water and just enough room for emergency tools. I only use it in the summer - if the weather’s unpredictable, or if I’m commuting, there isn’t enough room to carry extra clothes and food, so I just use a normal rucksack and a bike water bottle. I’m thinking about getting a bigger Camelbak, or making a pocket in my rucksack for the Camelbak bladder - stopping to get a bottle out is a pain after getting used to the camelbak (but can be a good excuse for a rest).


I’ve used a normal hiking backpack (a berghaus) which has a hydration pocket and tube-hole integrated, so I got a platypus 3 litre water bag for snowdon, and use that in it (the pockets are full of tools, wax, spare tube, etc, and the main compartment has my water pack and my pads/helmet in it, usually). I take that on every trials ride, and on extended muni (2 hours +).

I also recently got a very low profile 2 litre camelbak, with enough space for puncture patches, my leatherman crunch and a set of hex driver tools (allen + screwdriver heads), which I can use to make running repairs or almost any type. It’s very useful, and has better features and is easier to fill & clean than my original platypus bag. I need to find a way of attaching a pump onto it or onto the uni I’m riding, I’m thinking jubilee clips onto the frame somewhere would be best.


I always toss mine back in the freezer when I get back from a ride. Not much mold growing in Alaska.

I got a new one recently that’s pretty nifty, it’s a big-ish bag but the big bag zips off to leave a smaller one for smaller rides or doing trials.

One of the biggest bonuses of camelbak type jobby is the protection it gives your back.

for the ride this weekend I’ll have two pouches, one filled with water and one filled with sports drink and probably an extra bottle too.

I have got 2. A camelbak called ‘Magic’ (for ladies) which has a 2 liter water bladder and enough room for some odds and ends in the pockets. And a small bumbag (fanny pack) type that I use if I’m just doing my regular 4 - 12 mile rides along the prom. That has only about 1 litre of water and just enough room for my mobile phone, front door key and GPS unit.


I’m going to buy one:)

Camelbak does sell tablets for cleaning the bacteria out, others have used denture cleaner. I have a HAWG, MULE and classic, mostly using the HAWG (3L).


You may want to get one of the newer ones that have a zipper access to the bladder without removing it from the pack to refill it. Get one with a large opening so you can clean it easliy and with a wide mouth you can also put ice cubes inside. we used to just freeze the water in the bladder but that was recently identified as a cancer concern.

I tend to ride with a small waist pack because I don’t like the backpack straps when I am riding. Also, I don’t enjoy sucking water from a tube so my waistpack has a couple of water bottles on the sides.

Walmart ws selling an inexpensive waistpack that works well for about $10 in the sporting goods section and the wide mouth waterbottles alone were worth that. Might not be best for Muni, but I mostly ride distance.


How did you go from none to seeing some without enough storeage room? I have several sizes, but the one used the most for Muni has been my smallest one - Camelbak Rocket. It has a 72 oz bladder and just enough storage for a CO pump, patches, sanitary pads (to stop bleeding), energy bars, compass, trail map, phone, and a couple of squares of TP (don’t use leaves of 3!). During the 12 Miles of Hell MTB race (by the way it was 17 miles this year) I didn’t take the first aid, comfort, or map stuff, and there is still room in the pack for a Platypus bottle which is a light collapsible bottle that boosts my water total to 104 oz. Here is a photo a biker took during the event, and the pack is not that big, for you have to remember there is something to be said for light and fast… http://www.cycleok.com/Assets/12MOH2006/Wheels-are-for-wusses.jpg

i have 2 camelbaks! a camelbak Classic and a camelbak Mule.

I have to camelbacks to.

I got a camelback Mule for hiking,
and a camelback MiniMule for uniing.

I’m so little I ca’t use the normal Mule for uniing.

I have the rouge-much better than classic! It has a pump-port and it also has some extra storage, but it’s still small and light. Carries same water as classic-70 oz. I also have the “blowfish”. Holds 100 oz. For longer rides.

i have one, not sure what one it is, but i rarly use it…


I just got this one as a graduation gift, I have started using it on my street rides and I really like it. It doesn’t bounce around on your back like other packs may, and it has pockets for other crap aswell. I was riding the other day with 2L of water in it aswell as some tools, some pens, a cell phone and a couple other things, and I didn’t have any problems at all. I had a bit of trouble getting them in but once they were in I was dandy.

I wear my Camelbak everywhere I go, it hold all my junk and is awesome for long rides. I hope that someday there will be a 5 litre resevoir to replace my 3 litre.

I use an EMS small daypack/hydration pack with a nalgene reservoir I picked up after the platypus bladder it came with died on me.

It is also my pack for biking and commuting. The two small pockets on the outside hold a light kit, multi-tool, pump, patch kit and irons, computer when I’m off the bike, and a spare tube. The main compartment holds my lock and a cloth bag that other small stuff (mp3 player, wallet, phone, car keys, etc.) go into when I ride. I hate riding with stuff in my pockets. The bladder is a 3L version.

I’ve also used this pack with just the bladder when I was training for a marathon (20 mile runs in hot weather). I can empty the bladder over the course of a run like that pretty easily.

I’m just getting used to it on the uni but it doesn’t seem to affect my balance much, even when loaded and with a full bladder. Can some math whiz figure out about how much you raise your center of gravity when you put 3L of water on your back?

Well, I don’t have a camelback, but have often unicycled back from Tesco’s with a three litre bottle of cheap cider in my rucksack with no problems. :slight_smile: