who has a bedford muni?

I just got my bedford muni the other day ( yay :smiley: ) and i noticed something pretty dang quick… one of the cranks was different then the other one!

it hasent effected me that much but i don’t want it to mess me up in the future.

any ideas why darren did this?

thx alot,


I didn’t have this problem when my bedford came. Perhaps he just made a mistake? What cranks did you order, and how are they different?


they are both the same size , one looks like my old cotterless norco crank and the right is skinnier then the left.

Hummm, sounds kind of unusual. I have a Bedford freestyle 20 inch uni and a Bedford custom MUni and no irregularities with either.

Have you written to Darren to check the crank situation out? He is so reliable, I’m sure if there is some sort of mix up he will sort things out with you.


hey !

when are you coming up to victoria again onewheeler?

Well, we’ve got another Vancouver MUni ride planned for Sunday Jan 19th at 11:00 am. And it could be we will have a ride happening out at Tswassen, where the ferry terminal is opposite to the island, some time soon. So we are getting closer to you in Victoria, Unibrow!

Most of our riders are from the lower mainland so we hold our rides mainly in Vancouver but maybe in the Spring I can talk some riders into making the trip over to Victoria. In the meantime try to scope out some good MUni and Trials routes for a group ride, ok?


Re: who has a bedford muni?

You probably have a pair of bicycle cranks modified by grinding the chainring spider off of the right hand crank.