who gets HIGHER

i ride a unicycle and my friend does some bmx and he insists that a bmx bike rider or trials rider can jump much higher than any unicyclist but im not convinced. what can get the highest hop?

You´re kidding right?

BMXs and Trials bikes can jump MUCH higher than unicycles.

Trials bikes can sidehop max… around 57"
" " " " " " " " " " rolling hop to tyre around 60" and above.
" " " " " " " " " " front wheel hook 70"ish
" " " " " " " " " " " sidehop to pedal rather high… 60" and higher…

BMXs can bunnyhop stupidly high too…

unis just can´t match it, i thought it´d be obvious… seeing as bikes can go so much faster, and more of your power can be transferred through a bike when jumping.

I agree totaly with sponge, just go on youtube, you’ll see plenty of bike trials vids, you really can’t match the side hop of a trials bike, even if you tuck the back wheel up under your bum on your uni.


Watch this movie and try to tell me that a uni can get that high to rubber.

Ryan atkins’ record(doing his very best) 98cm sidehop over a bar, Ryan leech can get 101cm on any average day. And thats not to say that atkins isnt an amazing rider…hes still me hero.

wow i guess i need to do some filming, you might change your mind.

didnt ryan atkins do something like 104 cm onto a ledge? but still the trials bikes can get way higher then unicycles.

his record is 107cm onto a ledge(wall)

Thats cause bikes have the momentum factor. Mass = length x width .
There just isn’t enough mass on a unicycle.
Yet it shouldn’t deter people from trying :slight_smile:

isn’t it mass=weight/volume? length x width = area.

Yeah it is right. I’m a genius! Actually I forgot the exact formula it’s been so long since I took a math class. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree of corse bike can roll hop higher as they travel faster,
but hopping up onto ledges they always front wheel hook so that would be equiveled to a unicyclist doing a seat grap on the ledge :wink:

by seat grab do you mean hooking your seat handle on a ledge?

if you can figure out a way to get to rubber from there, it would be impressive, but it would look bad, and you still couldnt hop as high.

and your seat would be destroyed within like 5 “seat grabs”

if your seat was SUPER low it would be possible

snoop dogg gets higher

true true

but you wouldnt even be able to hop higher than sif to a pedal grab…

In his last story he told he landed a 109 cm hop.
That’s what I tought, I’m going to look it up.

EDIT: found it :Most Intense Ride EVER


oh, sorry.

I knew it was somehting scary high like that.:o

No problem, I was bored so I searched it :stuck_out_tongue:
Indeed, it’s freaking high.