Who from this site is going to the NAUCC in the Twin Cities?

I haven’t registered yet since I still have a few questions, but I do have plane tickets and will be there from late(11PM) Wednesday and leaving Midday Sunday. I know it starts Wednesday, and ends on Tuesday, but it is a busy time of the year for me, and that is about all the time I can squeeze out.

So what is it like? I went to the site and read the info/schedule, but it really doesn’t say much. I have been on this site for a while and though I have heard it mentioned most comments are from an “insider” point of view and not really revealing anything to someone who hasn’t been before.

What is the atmosphere like? Is everything fairly regimented, or are people coming and going throughout the day. Is it a lot of involvement from noncompetitors(not sure which I am, the registration form has both categories) .

I don’t think I will be competing in any events, but I may see something I think I can actually do. I am there more to learn than anything.

I will have my wife and 2 1/2 year old daughter with me as well, and will be staying with close friends while we are there. We are both from MN originally so I look forward to going.

I have to say I am pretty excited, because I didn’t think I would be able to go, and things sort of fell into place. My wife seemed excited about it as well so I decided to get the tickets and attend. Anyone who can shed lite on what I should register as, as well as my wife I would appreciate that as well. See you there!

Couple of More Questions

What is the best way of getting your Uni there? Do the airlines allow you to take it as part of your luggage?

On the NAUCC site it mentions something about plastic pedals, and non marking tires. I assume that is only indoors, but I don’t plan on bringing a freestyle uni, I will be bringing my Muni. Will I be able to participate in anything?

This kind of reminds me of the time I went to the Doctor for surgery. I went in for a pre op appointment, and he asked me “Do you have any questions?” At the time I really didn’t. Soon after the surgery, I had dozens. I had no experience on which to base my questions, once I had the surgery, I realized how ill prepared I had been information wise.

Don’t register as a non-rider, because that will exclude you from participating. Depending on what’s happeneing the days you will be there, you could try a race or two. Most of the participants in the races don’t practice for them either.

You will have a blast. It’s a huge gathering of like-minded people, with all sorts of sharing going on. You can learn more about unicycling from one day there than you will from a year of reading this newsgroup.

You can fly with unicycles. My advice is to pack them in ordinary-looking luggage (pedals off), so no questions will be asked. If it looks like a bike or is in a box, you’ll get questions and may have to pay a fee for taking a “bike.” Search the forums for lots of posts on this subject.

With your MUni you will be able to participate in the MUni events and daily group rides, it should be a lot of fun.

I’ll be a first-timer too, so will also be interested in comments from others who have attended before. I’m entering the MUni events, but also bringing my trials uni for the workshops and a road wheel for the parade. Whether or not I actually ride the MUni events depends on the “feel” of things. I’ve only been MUni-ing a few months and don’t want to look like I don’t belong competing if everyone else rides like a pro.

How relaxed is the atmosphere at these things? Will it be easy to meet new people (such as those from rsu), or do folks mostly stick with their known friends? I’m really hoping to meet some of you after reading and participating in this forum over the past year.

Does anyone know if there will be transportation between events? Such as to and from the daily MUni rides from somewhere central, such as Augsburg? I’ll be driving there from San Diego so will have a vehicle, but my wife has this crazy idea that she’ll get it for at least some of the time – go figure. I’m assuming the MUni rides will start “out” somewhere rather than at Augsburg or St. Thomas.

Any info will be helpful, thanks. The website doesn’t seem to have much detail.


My first meet was last year. Enter something … anything. You’ll wish you had entered more events by the time you leave.

Don’t worry. Based on past experience, there are riders of all levels. It’s more a matter of how many miles are you comfortable with, and little to do with how technical the ride may be. Also, the bigger the group usually means the slower the average pace, because there’s a lot of waiting for people to catch up.

My experience is that people are happy to walk the technical parts if they get a chance to watch the experts ride them. If you were coming to someplace mountainous (like the CA MUni Weekend) you’d have to consider altitude as well, but this is not a factor in MN. Just bring the bug spray!

Very relaxed, in my view. If you don’t go up an introduce yourself to people, you’re missing out. Everyone is pretty accessible.

Only thing I’ll add to that is the first rule of going to a uni convention. Convention staffs are unpaid volunteers, some under tremendous amounts of pressure. Do these things:

  1. Ask if you can help.
  2. Don’t be in the way.
  3. Follow the instructions/rules they have set up.
  4. Help host one yourself someday.

We usually carpool those things. For the group rides, it should not be a problem (unless everybody assumes everybody else will have a car).

Don’t be afraid to copy your questions to the TCUC site webmaster, to make sure they get seen and possibly added to the info on the site. I know it’s probably Gilby, but he can’t read everything, can he? :slight_smile:

That may be true for a Unicycle Guru like you.

Come on guys give me a little more feedback about the experience than this. I have seen some of you pontificate for pages about Buttr. Tell me what an average day is like. Do you sit around and watch competitions… are they indoors/outdoors… am I going to be able to get invovlved in anything if I come with a Muni? I have a stealth Torker, but it has anything but a non marking tire. Clinics that are held, are they inside or outside? If I do have a Uni that doesn’t have a non marking tire, will I be able to keep it with me, or is there a place to lock it up. I am not going to bring 6 Uni’s like some of you, so I will be limited in what I can do.

How do the clinics work? Who puts them on? Do a lot of people get together for meals, or does everyone go there own ways. What is the atmosphere… like said before is it cliqueish or is everyone included, even if they are a level 1 02 rider?

I’m going! It will be the first convention I’ve been to, as well. My mom and I are driving out from PA. I’ve entered the 10K and the Muni uphill, downhill, and cross-country.

Actually, I hadn’t entered any other races since I only had a 20" freestyle and 24" muni, but my brother’s friend just gave me his normal chrome 24" torker which I ordered a Viscount seat for and am putting the plastic Oddysey twisted pedals on. I’m wondering-are the tires on the regular torkers considered to be non-marking? Because I figure why not enter the 100m or something like that just for fun? What 24" tire is non-marking? There aren’t any white 24" tires on Unicycle.com.


P.S. Don’t hesitate to enter the Muni events. If you do bad, it’ll just make me feel less stupid when I do bad, too! :smiley:


Register as a rider. Ride in some race. If you can only ride forward, ride in one of the sprints. I could ride one-footed OK but could not ww last year. I entered the one-foot race and the 10k unlimited. I met Nathan Hoover there and loaned him my Coker for the 10k because he needed one. Then he beat me with my own unicycle for which I must exact some kind of revenge. I will probably enter the 30m ww even if I don’t think I can make it without falling off because IT WILL BE FUN. I did slow boards and the obstacle course as an aside. I went on a couple of John Child’s EXCELLENT MUni rides. I met people from all over at every event. I had lunch and dinner with different folks every day.

You’re going to TCUC country. Ryan Woessner (Smiley), Irene Genelin, and many, many other outstanding, young riders will probably perform there. Watch some of their standard skills and artistic routines and you will get to see first hand things done on a unicycle that you will probably never be able to do yourself. There will be more than 100 friendly people there to explain to you (and demonstrate to you) how to do anything imaginable on a unicycle.

The airlines don’t like to give you “free” bicycle transportation. Find out the checked baggage restrictions on the airline you use (dimensions and weight) and stay within those guidelines and you can bring a box or bag with one or two unicycles in it. DON’T TELL THEM THERE IS A “CYCLE” IN THE BOX, it is “performance” or “athletic” equipment if they ask. I made a box within the limits to check Blue Shift (which has a pretty big wheel) when I went to Mississippi. I also had all of my protective gear in it as well as a seat and extended seatpost for a Stealth Torker. I could have put two “normal” sized unicycles in the same box.

Look hard, but I don’t think you will be able to find any mean, stingy, or vindictive people there (unless, of course, you happen to run in the the Edwards family, the meanest, toughest, most malicious and deceptive folks on whatever side of the Mississippi they live. Not only are they WAY too nice, their kids will ride circles around you and they’re still improving rapidly.)

I think the most common “non-marking” tire from Unicycle.com is the Primo “Wall” tire…but looking at the site, I see those only come in 20".

I’m pretty sure there were a lot of people riding Miyatas at UNICON last year…sure enough, Unicycle.com lists the Miyata 24" whitewall as “non marking”. For $14, I’d say its worth getting one just for NAUCC.


Keep in mind, most, if not all, of the races are going to be on outdoor tracks or off-road courses. For those, you wouldn’t have to worry about non-marking tires. The indoor stuff will be freestyle routines and games (basketball, hockey, sumo if your lucky).

I went to UNICON with my Muni and did only outdoor stuff and was very happy. Luckily, I was able to borrow somebody’s Miyata flamingo for Quidditch.

You know…
I was perfectly fine with not going to NAUCC this year. Wasn’t even an issue. Then, you had to go and start this thread. Now I’m on Travelocity looking at plane fares. You people just make me sick.

Ha! A cruel man with a questionable name of Dutch origin and his Going-Into-Jr-Hi-Can’t-Get-Any-Meaner-Than-That daughter of Dutch-Belgian origin will be there.

Can hardly wait.

That is the kind of info I was looking for. Thanks Greg. nbrazzi same to you. I am bringing 2 Uni’s a 20 inch stealth Torker, and a KH24, I guess I can look into another tire for the Torker if it is not considered non-marking.
My wife wants to be able to sit in on the training, should I sign her up as a competitor? I hope by the time we go she will be able to ride, currently she can freemount and ride about 5-10 feet 50% of the time. She has only practiced for about 2 hours total, so if I can her on it a few more she should be good to go.

Do the Drummonds from Unicycle.com go to these competitions? Maybe I could put my Uni’s in their trailer.:smiley:

Edit: nbrazzi You know you want to go… Fortunately for me, I can combine an obligatory trip to see friends/ and have fun with my new obsession.

I think I can handle that.:smiley:

I just emailed Unicycle.com asking if they could add a 24" Miyata tire to my order that I placed today. That UPS shipping is quite expensive, so I don’t want to have to make another order! So we’ll see. If they can, I’ll need to make another email to Constance Cotter to add some races to my events!


Me, Tommy (Tmorningstar), maybe Lewis (Animation) and perhaps Bill (MagicTurtle). I’ll be AFK from tomorrow 'tell the Con… and my E-mail address will only be the unicyclist.com address for the forseeable future.



Has anybody tried this tire on the Stealth Torker.
Primo The Wall

I was thinking the 20X2.1

The tire on there now is a 20X1.95