who else is injured and out of unicycling right now?

Due to my back being hurt, I can’t unicycle for a lil while…and it sucks. Theres tons of usless energy building up in me not being released, and i’m more bored than usual…obviously.

who else can’t unicycle right now? and what injury is preventing you from unicycling?

I just got back from the hospital

On my way to class i had a high-speed UPD and instinctively went into a roll. I was waring my heavy schoolbag and it prevented me from rolling properly and i ended up ripping all the ligaments in the front of my right shoulder.

My collar bone is sort of sticking out, I am on T3s and something else (can’t remember right now) and it really really hurts if i move at all

I do not know when i am getting surgery but it will probably be sometime in the next few days.

Dislocated shoulder and possibly never unicycling again because of high risk of redislocation.

i have hernia surgery tomorrow, no riding for a month

i had to have that, walking will hurt a lot and might not even be possible for a little bit.

What time are you going under the knife? My shoulder surgery is now scheduled for tomorrow at 1:00

slightly worn cartilage
and and
anoyingly low blood pressure

damn guys I was just bitching about my pulled MCL (not unicycling related)

I think I’ll shut up now.

both my knee caps are still messed up from moab so they are swelled up and inflamed and it hurts to ride.

I rode a little anyway though.


i compression fractured t6 and t7 (vertibrea) three weeks ago, im out for around another month, maybe more. Im currently not allowed to carry anything, twist, bend, sleep funny or do basically anything besides sit, stand and lie down…

i crashed skiing in germany, just so you all know. got a heli ride and five days in the hospital, it was grand. if you want the story just ask, I have nothing else to do.

dang. was it off a jump?

My back hurts, getting a little better, sleeping on the floor works!
(got donkey kick down, 10 more days till my movie)
Gives me 10 days to get doubleflips!

Im getting 7 of the 10 screws out of my ankle tomarow (Bike Injury)

where you riding with knee pads?

they still havent told me, suposed to call by midnight. if its at 1 ill be thinking about you(and uni-ing which i cant do :frowning: )

im going in at 6:30

Sure glad I wear every piece of armor I can find! Every extremity is protected, wrists, ankles, head. I’m wondering if Mornish was wearing knee/shin guards when he had his knee cap injury; I’m assuming not, but I’d be curious to know.

Oh yeah. In a telemark race there is a jump partway down the course. Unlike in alpine skiing, the goal is to go as far as possible to clear distance lines. If you don’t clear the lines, time is added to your run. So this jump had a distance line set at 30m which is about 98 feet. When I hit the jump a nasty gust of wind hit me in the chest just as I was standing up off of the lip. It blew me backwards and I flew out of control down the hill. By the time I hit my shoulders and upper back hit the snow first. My head landed right on the 30m line. My body stacking up on my shoulders caused my two of my vertebrae to compress. I got a sled ride, a helicopter ride and five days in the hospital for that one, but I should be fine in a month or so.

You can get a plate as a perminat solution. (I think)

Well i have permanent dislocated legs and i’m still riding. I can’t say this a few years ago.