Who Dumped My Wheel Building Thread Into The Spam Bin?

there is only a couple of choices here and i dont think it was Gilby or Harper…so whats up accordNSX? did you dump Klass Bil’s thread in there awile back too?

crazy stuff happens sometime, normally I blame alcohol.

According to the notes automatically added when the thread was moved:

:thinking: well i know it wasnt me! ive been hacked…

oh and i was at work at 3:12 PM!! this is very weird…

That’s central time, so 1:12 pm your time.

weird,at 1:12 i was at the shop ordering the very spokes that i mentioned in that thread…oh well the thread sucked anyway but it sure wasnt me that dumped it.

Moving Threads

> Start creepy Music >

Welcome to the Twilight Zone, where weird things happen to threads whilst people are at work.

As the GNP of contries rise, what is the hidden cost in unicycle threads? Is there a linear relationship or is it more complex? The public deserves to know!


What length of thread do you think is appropriate? I think 245 replies is just right.

Good luck with the wheel, Jag. I hope to hear good things about it!

ok so the conspirasy continues…i no longer can move spam threads to the spam bin.notice my name is not in bold anymore?

i did not move my own thread into spam and then make another thread complaining about it,only to then have my anti-spam power pulled??.i dont know what the deal is here but its pretty lame.

So maybe you’ve been hacked as previously surmised, or perhaps Gilby has been…

Have you heard any black helicopters over your house lately? Oh wait, you wouldn’t actually hear them would you.

loads of threads have been radomly going in the spam bin even though they are unicycle ones

Jagur said he must have been hacked, so since the powers he had can cause a lot of damage in a hackers hand, those powers have been taken away for now.