Who did this?

This has got to be one of the sickest pictures that I’ve seen uni related. That jump is huuuuuge! Who is that kid? :astonished:

He is on this forum.

Whats his name though? That jump deserves total P.R.O.P.S.

I mean its not quite as sickening as watching skrobo do some of his sets, but still.

I’m the Blue shiny guy in the background, but don’t remember the kids name. It was insane and he did get up rather slowly!

Jordan Spera, he did it at Moab 07 because the mountain dew guys were filming. He tried it twice and it didnt end well either time.

Not much help but there a clip of him here he biffed it bad.

yeah thats me…i hate camera pressure…haha…
the mountain dew film crews faces were priceless though! and so was brents and my lil bros…this was the first try and the photo was taken by chris detrick

even though you didnt land it you got my respect, i wuld never try something like that, thats crazy, congrats on having more balls then me;)

haha thanks for all the respect and props guys…
yeah we kinda joke that i sold my balls to the devil because of this pic wich was taken by chris detrick too…its a funny pic its the second try…

Which is better, balls or ankles? :slight_smile:

I think it was 2003 when Dylan Wallinger did a similar jump and broke a high-end Profile crank. I heard about it this way:
“Dylan broke a Profile crank in a 9-foot jump from a toilet!”
I was scratching my head, wondering where you get a 9’ toilet. Yes, those little buildings at the Slickrock Trail parking lot are outhouses, and no, you don’t want to be downwind!

Dylan going off some rocks for Dan Heaton’s cameras in '03 (Universe 2?)

yeah i probly would never try something that high what was it like ~12 feet?

we guestimated about 10 feet john just said it was 9foot…so idk…ill go with 9feet but didnt dylan go off of a different toilet though…

assuming you are talking about the guy in U2 then it was one of the outhouses near the one you jumped off. if not the same one.
and john, i am pretty sure it was DM cranks he broke not profiles.

It was definitely a Profile, some variant of the ones that came on the few unicycles at that time that had the axle and cranks. I can’t remember if it was called a Profile Downhill crank, or a Profile Freeride crank, but definitely the info being passed around was Profile. As far as I know, the DM cranks only came in one kind.

9’ is a safe guess. People always “guesstimate” way too high. After Sem rode is 14’ unicycle in the NAUCC Public Show, I heard a couple of locals describing a 40’ unicycle they saw. They must think the gym was 5-stories high inside. It looks like the riders gain a few inches by landing below the base of the outhouse, but not even half a foot.

Thats a huge drop…

i biffed a drop about that size the other day… but not so bad and to concrete…thank god it wasn’t a biff like that… my foot slipped late in my landing so i just stepped off the uni.

I think it even says so during that clip in U2.


Dylan Wallinger did it in Universe 2…

Oh that was awesome because at the end it had the disclaimer saying do not attempt these are trained athletes.


haha yea I love seeing that