Who did I see riding their 29'r up Poncha Pass yesterday?

Seems like a cross-country trek by a bearded brown haired unicyclist.
Saw them ascending Poncha Pass in Colorado - US 285…??

Is that on the Great Divide Route? Any chance it was Ben? It would be cool to know how far he’d made it since being in Helena, MT on 7/10:

Aha…found him.
Must have been Benjamin Siress.

Simul-post with DavidP ^^ ha. Yes he’s made it to southern Colorado!

Hey Scott, are you back around these parts? How’s life?

That’s pretty cool that you saw the CDT rider, too bad you couldn’t join him.

I had thoughts of trying to meet up and ride with him, but time is getting away from me…

Hey Ben. Yes I poke in now and then.
I see you have taken over the Gear Forum as usual! heh…:slight_smile:

RE: Benjamin
I also wanted to turn around and join him for a bit. But it was getting late and I wasn’t alone, so I had to continue on home…Too bad, I had my 36’r in the camper too!

Thats four cross country Uni-riders I have had the pleasure of seeing ride by…including both of Gracie’s trips.

Well, what can I say, I do so like gear :slight_smile:

Sorry we missed you last time we were in CO, maybe on the next trip through…

Hello, this is Benjamin Siress who rode the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route on a unicycle this year. (Picture of me in the Helena, MT newspaper). Maybe some of you would like to know how I did. I made it to the border on Aug. 19th. In total, it took me 55 days to go from Banff, Alberta to Antelope Wells, NM. I stayed on the main route the entire length (no easier alternates). I had such a great time. It was so nice being on mainly seldom traveled back roads. I strongly recommend this route for any unicyclist who wants to take a tour. Well, unless you don’t like climbing.