who can double backflip?

yeah, who can?

I know one kid, his name is kris or something? Yeah, that sounds about right.


haha, that was not what i was thinking about:p

how many can do them?:stuck_out_tongue:

idk, how much harder are they than normal ones?

i saw a vid of it somewhere. (im assuming your talking about doing 2 crankflips backwards, not flipping your body)

yeah, i mean kicking the cranks backwards.

i know Mike swarbrick can
Alex thoms can
Klas (from sweeden) can
and I can:D

Tomsey definitely can

yes, thats what i said.

You did too, i didn’t read that. I think Liam from NZ is close to a double nowadays. He’s always landing new stuff (and not telling anyone about it) and he’s got a mean backflip (rolling 3 stair) so you never know.

That sounds like me now, If I do some practice I think I could land a double back. I can hit three’s now and have enough spin for a double off a curb.
But I really want to hit a 540 Unispin before I get to Welly, so my priorities are split, and short on time to ride at this time of year too.

I can. Am I the first in the U.S. or does Shaun already have them?

One and a half, but I don’t get them yet! But I think I’ll have them in a few time, just a little more training!

loic buad or whatever can do them

loic baud can

I can’t lol

Back flips

I can do an infinite number :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Or at least I could more than ten years ago. This was shot on my 50th birthday.

Oh you mean on a Uni!!! :o